An Arousal Oil Isn’t Lube. This Is The Difference.

When we launched our Arousal Oils, most people responded with “oh yeah, it’s like CBD lube!” But actually, there’s some distinct differences between lube and arousal oil, and each has its own purpose and place in the bedroom with you! Let’s get into it.

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What’s the main difference?

Put simply, lube is made to mimic your body’s wetness synthetically.

An Arousal Oil is designed to stimulate your body’s ability to create wetness. It is designed to stimulate your erogenous zones which are the sensitive areas of your body that produce a sexual response when stimulated.

The beauty of these products is that you can use one or the other or -even better - BOTH for an incredibly satisfying sensual experience. Combining the foreplay element of an arousal oil with a high-quality lube can give you a super smooth glide that works with your body’s natural desire.

Check your lube bottle - there might be weird stuff in there.

We hope that reading your skincare and beauty products labels becomes just as mainstream as reading your food labels. If you are using a lube in the bedroom (please use lube in the bedroom) then make sure you check in on the ingredients list.

Prevention Magazine lists a few ingredients that should be on your “hard no” list if you are picking up a sensual lubricant including:

  • Glycerin: a sugar alcohol that can lead to yeast infections.
  • Petrochemicals: these might “hide” under names like propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol or petroleum. Fun fact, these are also used in products like anti-freeze! Yikes.
  • Preservatives: these will go by names like paragons, benzyl alcohol and citric acid that will give you an itch you don’t want to be scratching.

All Arousal Oils by Simple Jane are made with three (yes, that’s just 3) ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, pure CBD & essential oils. Cool Breeze and Temptress each have a proprietary blend of essential oils, and Naked is just CBD and organic coconut oil.

CBD makes all the difference

There are plenty of arousal oil products on the market, though we find a lot of them use overstimulating ingredients because we want to “feel the burn” to know it’s working. But with a CBD arousal oil, it’s not quite the case.

We added CBD to our arousal oil because CBD works to create balance in your body, to decrease pain signaling, enhance comfort and even ease muscle tension during intimacy. This is especially true in cases of:

  • Women who have PCOS or endometriosis making sex painful
  • If you’re having a hard time getting out of your own head - an arousal oil can help focus you on one part of your body for pleasure
  • Pre or post-menopausal women who might be experiencing dryness or loss of sensation

But most important is using the arousal oil as a communication tool. By slowing down and creating an opportunity to communicate about what feels good (and where it feels good) your intimacy and connection will flourish naturally.

So...what does it feel like then?

Kaisha-Dyan McMillan from Revel & Rouse describes it best. “Even though Temptress and Cool Breeze work wonders as massage oils, their primary function is to get the blood pumping to your erogenous zones. Although those warm and cool tingles might feel lovely on the arms, gently spritzing the clitoris and nipples before foreplay could take you and your orgasm into orbit … so yeah, that’s worth trying.”

Naked: there are no essential oils in Naked. It is, well, naked!

Just coconut oil and pure CBD this is a great option for anyone who has skin or sensation sensitivity. The CBD in this product still works to reduce pain signaling and stimulate your own lubrication and can be used all over your sensual body arts as well as inserted to encourage some natural glide.

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