Naked Arousal Oil


Whether you’re searching for your G Spot (yes, really!) or using it to maintain your sensual health overall, Naked is your universal CBD lubricant and arousal oil. 

Ideal for use as a coconut oil based sensual lubricant that is free from parabens, preservatives or any other things you don’t need near your vagina. Naked is a perfect companion to every woman’s bedroom that delivers a smooth glide, nourishing oils and CBD for an incredible sensual experience. 

We also recommend Naked as regular maintenance for women who are experiencing pre and post-menopausal symptoms to hydrate and condition vaginal lining to ease dryness, itchiness and pain during intercourse.  

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, 100 mg pure CBD oil


**Due to its oil based nature, Naked is perfecrt for sensual massage but not advised for use with latex condoms.


How to use Naked Arousal Oil:

Apply with long, gentle strokes to erogenous zones for arousing foreplay.

Use as an all-natural CBD lube for a gentle glide during sex. Apply generously to both partners!

Suggestions to heighten your pleasure...

  • Pair with our other Arousal Oils like Temptress & Cool Breeze to enhance stimulating sensations.

  • Use alongside a toy as foreplay. We love pairing our arousal oils with crystal sex toys (see some of our favorites here) or really anything made of borosilicate glass.

  • Keep using it! CBD products take time to work and will not always "work" the first time you use then, as your CBD receptors might need some time to "get the signal" in simple terms.

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The quality of your CBD sources and ingredients matter, especially in such an intimate area. Here's what you can always expect from Simple Jane Arousal Oil products:

All Simple Jane products are made with pure, hemp-derived CBD that is triple third-party tested for quality to ensure no GMO's, no pesticides/herbicides and no fungus or contaminants are present. We use organic, fractionated coconut oil and the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils to make our products.

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