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CBD Spa Treatments With Simple Jane

CBD Treatments At The Spa Is Pure Bliss

By SimpleJane | Sep 18, 2020

  As regulatory restrictions open up, and cannabis stigmas continue to fall, a CBD experience at the spa is becoming more available to those seeking pain relief and relaxation across the country. If you’ve considered CBD treatments at your Spa, here’s a few things you need to know: Let’s take it from the top….what is…

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Cheeky With Chelsea Part One Sex On A Schedule

Cheeky With Chelsea / Sex On A Schedule

By SimpleJane | Sep 8, 2020

We are thrilled to bring you part one of six from this limited mini series on all things sex & intimacy, hosted by Simple Jane Pleasures Co-Founder, Chelsea! We will be going live on Instgram Wednesdays at 5PM MST starting on August 26th, 2020 for 6 weeks and dive into some topics close to our…

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Raw Renewal Yoga Simple Jane Stockist

New Stockist Alert! | Raw Renewal Yoga

By SimpleJane | Aug 11, 2020

Movement Is Medicine If you’ve follow us for a while, you might know that Buti Yoga is kind of our jam. And what we’re missing more than ever is the in-person community, connection and movement in a class setting. And maybe a few warrior calls and grounding slaps as well (if you know, you know).…

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Simple Jane Pleasure Blog

An Arousal Oil Isn’t Lube. This Is The Difference.

By SimpleJane | Aug 5, 2020

When we launched our Arousal Oils, most people responded with “oh yeah, it’s like CBD lube!” But actually, there’s some distinct differences between lube and arousal oil, and each has its own purpose and place in the bedroom with you! Let’s get into it. Shop CBD Arousal Oils Here What’s the main difference? Put simply,…

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Summer CBD Essentials

The Last Days of Summer

By SimpleJane | Aug 4, 2020

We’re soaking up the days of late summer! Keep the fun going for as long as possible with these end of summer must-do’s Sip a Spicy Mamacita Margarita IIN Health Coach and owner of Thoughfully Thriving, Taryn Shank, whipped up a Spicy Mamacita Margarita using Zenergy CBD Sugar and we can definitely attest: it is…

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Yoni Palace Sacred Squirter

Best Sex Toys To Pair With Arousal Oils

By SimpleJane | Jul 30, 2020

When it comes to intimacy, sometimes we are in a race to the “end result.” But by bringing more awareness with a goal to simply experience pleasure along the way, there’s an opportunity to remove the pressure to race to the end. We’ve picked a few of the best sex toys that would enhance your…

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Three little words to transform your love life

Three Little Words To Transform Your Love Life

By SimpleJane | Jul 22, 2020

Can you guess what three little words we’re talking about? We’re going to take it Derulo style and talk dirty to you. But the dirty talk doesn’t need to be as dirty as you think. In fact, communicating your desires in bed can actually be pretty G rated with this three little words that will…

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what is an arousal oil

What is an Arousal Oil, anyway?

By SimpleJane | Jul 21, 2020

Arousal is defined as “the physiological and psychological state of being awoken or of sense organs stimulated to a point of perception.” Better than a cup of coffee, arousal is the kickstarter to your libido, and an arousal oil is like an extra shot.   Shop CBD Arousal Oils Most important thing to know: an…

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Lakeview at Fontana North Carolina

New Stockist Alert! | Lakeview at Fontana

By SimpleJane | Jun 24, 2020

Soak. Up. Nature. Nestled into the Great Smoky Mountains Near Bryson City and Asheville is Lakeview at Fontana – North Carolina’s most blissful “rustic chic” inn & spa. The landscape is incredible, the rooms evoke the feeling of a small European village on the forested hillside with views of Lake Fontana. Already booking your room?…

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