Best Sex Toys To Pair With Arousal Oils

When it comes to intimacy, sometimes we are in a race to the “end result.” But by bringing more awareness with a goal to simply experience pleasure along the way, there’s an opportunity to remove the pressure to race to the end.

We’ve picked a few of the best sex toys that would enhance your experience with any Simple Jane arousal oils, whether you are using them solo or finding a playful experience with a partner. We’ve selected all non-battery required toys to keep things easy. Always check with the manufacturer of your toy to be sure that an oil-based product is clear to use with the toy!

Hope you’re curious, because this curled tentacle handle, tongue-like shape and pleasure bumps is not only delightful to look at, but truly a delight to experience.

Most of all, we LOVE that Yoni Palace founder Rosie Rees is so candid and approachable when it comes to talking about using her products. The topic may be blush-worthy, but listening to her explain “how to squirt” in this Youtube video is an adventure all in its own. Use Temptress Arousal Oil on your clitoris to begin stimulating your own natural lubrication. If needed, mix in a little Naked onto the wand for full lubrication and begin to explore. We suggest using this product solo first to get a feel for it. Or if you love surprises, go ahead and test it with your partner. Using an arousal oil here will aid in the deep sensations you feel, whether your intention is to squirt or not!

Proceed gently and enjoy the ride with the Sacred Squirter and Temptress!

It’s an age-old Sex and The City joke…do your kegels to have great sex! But, especially as we age, there is a lot more that goes in to pelvic floor strength than simply squeeze-and-release that plays a part in not only your sensual pleasure but your pelvic health.

That’s where a yoni egg comes in. This is a really empowering tool to reconnect with your body and strengthen your pelvic floor through pleasure.

We love this Prism Yoni Egg by Chakrubs made from clear quartz crystal for many reasons. First is the quartz itself, which is known as the “Universal Crystal” as its frequency is the same as the frequency in the universe! That’s some serious high-vibin’ right there! Clear quartz is able to enhance energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing, and transmitting.

Pair this yoni egg with Cool Breeze for a true awakening. The minty essential oils in Cool Breeze will be refreshing and stimulating. If using on your own, apply Cool Breeze to your clitoris and onto your breasts. Give yourself a breast massage while you have the yoni egg inserted and gentle squeeze and release your vaginal muscles around the egg.

If playing with a partner, apply Cool Breeze to the same areas, and challenge your partner to only touch you around your labia and breasts…no penetration, until you ask for it! By exploring your other erogenous zones with the yoni egg inserted, you might find a whole new level of orgasm along the way!

Self Ceremony is “the celebration of self-care as a ceremony with yourself.” How beautiful is that? We love a good ritual and this Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Pleasure Wand gives us major vibes. Rose Quartz is known as the love stone across all different kinds of love: loving yourself, erotic love or even love between friends. When using Rose Quartz for pleasure, it radiates self-care, unconditional love and reminds you that you are worthy of true, deep, passionate and unconditional love and pleasure.

This pleasure wand is curved to help direct G-spot exploration, pleasure massage and muscle release. We find this one best paired with Naked, and a great tool for those who are maybe just beginning to get closer to their sensual wants and needs. Self-Ceremony also offers different sizes of their rose quartz wand, so if you find the curve too intimidating, explore their smaller (or larger!) options.

Naked is unscented, and is our simplest form of arousal oil. Made with organic fractionated coconut oil and CBD it’s ideal for getting acquainted with and exploring what pleasure means in your body right now. CBD helps to alleviate pain signaling, repair torn tissue and relax muscles to enhance and enjoy your sensual experience. This pairing is also our go-to suggestion for:

  • Pre and post menopausal women who have experienced dryness or changes in their sensual desire
  • Postpartum mamas who are a little nervous about sex after baby
  • Post-trauma survivors who are seeking healing with gentle care
  • Any body who desires the feeling of love and self-care in their pleasure experience OR with a partner!
Self Ceremony Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand
Self Ceremony Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand


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