3 Online Workouts We’re Sweating For

online workouts

Actually Going To The Gym? NO THANKS. Ok yes this is the season of eating a bajillion cookies and treats and wine. And yes we love fitness – it’s truly the key to feeling amazing in your body! But going to the gym can just be….no thank you. It’s crowded or inconvenient or whatever the…

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3 Essential Oils for Winter Holidays

holiday essential oils

Cover Me In Essential Oils & Tell Me I’m Pretty We’re diffusing them. We’re bathing in them. We’re adding them to all our must-have products. Here’s our top 3 essential oil saviors that are riding in on Santa’s Sleigh to keep you holiday fresh and fiesty. Peppermint Essential Oil Find it in: On The Mend…

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Can CBD help with Yoga?

Buti Yoga CBD Bliss

Are you thinking of taking yoga classes? Yoga is one of the oldest practices for a healthy mind and body. For 5,000 years, yoga has been practiced by many people all over the world. There is no doubt that yoga is a powerful form of fitness, which provides physical and mental benefits. The health benefits…

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