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Can Topical CBD Really Help Increase Flexibility?

Yes! And Here's Why


There are many pathways to finding flexibility but not all of them strengthen fascia and joints like a Simple Jane Stretch Session. Simple Jane sessions use a combination of dynamic stretching, topical CBD, and salt stone massage to nourish and condition fascia for lasting change. Here are some ways CBD Stretch Sessions are designed to reduce stress and increase flexibility: 

Increase range of motion & flexibility: Apply On the Mend oil to warm up muscles and joints before settling into a good stretch session. 

Reduce stress, tension & anxiety: Release muscle tension and stress by using the combined approach of CBD aromatherapy and mindful assisted stretches.

Strengthen muscle fibers and fascia: Supply your body with the necessary nutrients needed to repair and strengthen muscle fibers with topical CBD and resisted stretch training. 

What Makes a Simple Jane Stretch Session So Effective? 

It Changes the Fascia for Good.


Simple Jane Sessions Start With A Breath 

Deep breathing exercises increase oxygen flow to muscles while simultaneously releasing muscle tension.

& A Salt Stone Massage

Apply On the Mend CBD oil and work out any muscle tension or sore spots before you get started.

Then on to a 6 Minute Stretch Routine, Designed for Full Body Relief.

Whether you are searching for a beginning stretch program or looking for a post-workout recovery routine, stretching doesn't have to be hard or complicated. A Simple Stretch is all you need.

Post Workout Stretch Routine

Neck Stretches and Shoulder Pain Relief

Hip Stretches for Tight Hamstrings & Low Back Pain Relief

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