We Are Simple Jane

Hello from Angella & Chelsea

Simple Jane is a business we created for women like us, who wanted to experience the healing power of CBD products that work, without the 'stoner stigma' of cannabis.


Angella Hamilton | CEO & Chief SassyAss

Angella has spent the last decade in the health and wellness industry as a Personal Trainer, Pilates & Tai Chi Instructor, and Women's Health Expert.  Her expertise has allowed her to teach in some of the most acclaimed resorts in the United States and has taught at numerous national women's health conferences. Angella started her quest for simple, all-natural solutions to feel great and stay sexy after experiencing early menopause caused by a cancer diagnosis. An overheard conversation in a Colorado dispensary in 2015 between two women talking about 'weed lube' inspired Simple Jane and the rest, they say, is history (in the making).

Chelsea Hamilton | Co-Founder & Sales Babe

Chelsea has juggled careers in both the advertising and the wine industry before finding her way to the cannabis business. Having found an incredible amount of healing when she integrated cannabis into her active lifestyle, she now loves to help others create a healthy, sexy life with the benefits of CBD. When she’s not working on building the “Hempire,” you can most likely find her testing out her new favorite cannabis strain or cuddling with Scheff, the Simple Jane mascot.


Why Choose Simple Jane Products?

Simple Jane On the Mend Collection

The type of ingredients we want to use ourselves.

When Simple Jane started, Chelsea & Angella were looking for products they wanted to use for themselves and their loved ones to heal and restore. With Simple Jane product, rest assured that they contain:

  • The highest quality triple-tested, hemp-derived CBD on the market.
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils
  • No preservatives and organic-when-posssible
  • Simple, pure ingredients curated to raise your vibration and heal your mind, body & soul.

Our promise to you is always providing you with quality you can trust, with none of the icky stuff.

We would love to hear from you.

(480) 666-5526• hello@simplejane.co 

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