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In a world where everyone seems to want more, we created a company that strives for less.
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Less fake crap, more quality choices.
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We want these things for you too....for all of us.

We promise to keep things simply sexy and fun with the highest level of integrity and honesty in everything we do.

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Hear the Story Behind Our Reiki Infused CBD Collection.

Blessed, the first of our  luxury spa line was created as a way to soothe our Souls. We were naturally drawn to the ingredients used to reduce stress and lift the spirit such as lavender and jasmine essential oils and pure hemp oil to restore vitality and youth.

Here’s How People Are Using Blessed to Create More Meaningful Moments. 

  • Therapeutic massage oil for pain relief
  • Daily moisturizer and skin protection
  • Relaxing aromatherapy bath oil treatment
  • Add to daily meditation and yoga practices
  • Skin damage repair for scars, acne and fine lines.
  • Find a full list on using CBD oil for skin conditions here.


By Chelsea | December 3, 2018

What is CBD? We’re glad you asked. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound naturally derived from the hemp plant. The benefits of CBD are incredible, especially for women. Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, stress-reducing…you know, the good stuff we could all use a little more of. We have a blog post about the benefits of CBD for women’s health…

Lab Test Results

By Chelsea | November 30, 2018

* All Simple Jane products contain 100% federally compliant CBD with zero THC.  Please see our lab test results here. 

Shipping & Returns

By Chelsea | November 30, 2018

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