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New Stockist Alert! StretchLab


What Do Your Get When You Put Stretch & CBD Together? We knew when we first saw the StretchLab concept that we had just the thing to make this experience incredible. Assisted stretch is the new wave in fitness as trends put more emphasis on recovery and holistic wellness in our workout routines over an…

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Soothe Summer Skin With These CBD Skincare Tips

Summer Skin Tips With Simple Jane

Summer is Better With CBD It’s all fun in the sun…until the sun takes a beating on your and nothing bums you out more than itchy, painful, flaky or beat up summer skin. The Academy of Dermatology lists a variety of summer skin woes that unfortunately go hand in hand with your summer of fun.…

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New Stockist Alert! Offseids Clothing in New York

Offseids Clothing NY Logo

It is our greatest pleasure to announce our first East Coast Simple Jane Stockist, the very fabulous Offseids Clothing in New York! The minute we saw this boutique, we knew the vibes were right. Owned and operated by #bossbabe Rebecca Seidenberg, this boutique experience is the latest and greatest place to find Simple Jane products.…

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Why You Should Be Putting CBD On Your Skin

As more CBD topical products come to market, more and more people every day are asking “what can CBD do for me?” Studies have shown that more than half of CBD-consumers are seeking the relaxation benefits of CBD from muscle aches to skincare. People are also seeking the ability to improve sleep, relieve muscles and…

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CBD Gifts for Moms of All Ages

Mother’s Day is coming, and we bet you’ve already maxed out your cute mug/flowers/breakfast-in-bed gifting quota for pretty much the rest of your life. This year, give a Momma in your life the gift of wellness and treat her to something she might have never picked out herself. Here is a guide to gifting for…

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How Laura’s Balm Got It’s Name….

Have I told you how Laura’s Balm got it’s name?  Laura is our cousin dealing with a second round of breast cancer. Our moms are sisters so we grew up sharing a lot of family memories together…. camping, playing games etc. We spent a lot of time together growing up and she was one of…

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CBD For Sexy Skin Is In

Wondering what CBD can do for your skincare routine? Warmer weather is upon us, and that means it’s time to start showing a little more skin! After a long winter hybernation, it’s time to slather yourself with skin-restoring CBD products to rehydrate, restore and replenish depleted skin as we welcome the new season. You’ve heard…

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Cosmo Pairs Temptress With Top 5 Sex Positions

Feeling like a Temptress? We’ve got you (un)covered with our lineup of premium CBD Topical Aphrodisiac. Our Topical Aphrodisiac line was the original Simple Jane product! That’s why when Cosmo featured Temptress on their list of Top 5 Sex Positions in a recent article, we were thrilled! We’re not saying it was better than sex…but…

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3 Gifts For A Sassy Bride

Not every bride dreams of a white taffeta wedding filled with florals and lace. From Steampunk to Superheroes, brides are letting their personality shine through on their big day. As the bridal bestie, it can make things challenging when it comes to choosing “the perfect gift” for your sassy friend. Here Are 3 Ideas for Bridal Gifts…

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What is a Topical Aphrodisiac?

CBD Topical Aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs are usually thought of as a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire or causes excitement. Some of the most recognizable aphrodisiacs have historically been thought of as food. Some of our favorite libido-inducing foods, recognized by our friends at, are iconic mainstays that we all know about (and perhaps some you…

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