Bath Recipes for Dry Skin

Soak it all in, here’s our tips to the perfect bath Himalayan Salt, CBD & the science behind a bath that makes you feel so good.  Tell me more…. When you imagine taking a bath, don’t you already feel a little more relaxed? Because, same. But it turns out, the benefits of a warm bath…

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Best Ways to Benefit from CBD


CBD is everywhere these days—in products from supplements to sparkling water to shampoo. What’s the best way to benefit? A doctor and a pharmacist explain. CBD Therapeutic Benefits “Hemp-derived CBD has a very large therapeutic potential to help in a multiplicity of ways,” says Joseph Maroon, MD, a neurological surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh,…

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New Stockist Alert! | Ashley’s Beauty Lounge

Ashley's Beauty Lounge

Keeping You Feeling Beautiful Since 2011 We are always to inspired by the beauty community in Scottsdale and the amazing women who lead the way to help other women feel amazing in their bodies! Ashley and her team of Beauty Babes are exactly that! Ashley has been a beauty entrepreneur since 2011 and has built…

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Can CBD Help You Sleep?


For the rest you need without the side effects of over-the-counter sleep aids, the popular extract of hemp can’t be beat. As the popularity of CBD continues to skyrocket, sleep is one of the big reasons why people take it. How does it work? The jury is still out on a final answer, but preliminary…

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