This Mini Massage Kit Will Rock Your Body

Give yourself a Mini Massage using Simple Jane's signature Spa formula and Himalayan Salt Massage Stone for maximum relaxation

Feel The Love With These Mini Massage Tips!

Using Your Himalayan Salt Stone

The Himalayan Salt Massage Stone in your Mini Massage Kit is intentionally designed to help make self-massage easier.

Not only is it a great tool to release pressure and tension in your body, Himalayan Salt and CBD are an anti-inflammatory match made in heaven!

When you apply your On The Mend massage oil or balm and use the Himalayan Salt Stone to gently massage, the gentle exfoliation from the stone allows the CBD in the product to work deeper into your skin to provide more relief.

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Get Proactive About Feeling Good

Many people think about using CBD massage oils or balms after they are already sore and achey! But what if you got ahead to prevent aches and pains before they happen?

Warming up your muscles before movement is the key to preventing injury, and the Mini Massage Kit contains everything you need to warm up! Massage your On The Mend balm or oil over tight areas using your Himalayan Salt Stone to prepare to move pain-free.

Simple Jane products are designed for daily use with simple ingredients and safe doses so you can use your massage oils and balms daily without over-sensitizing your skin or CBD receptors in your skin. The light essential oil profile is powerful enough to invigorate you without being overwhelmingly potent.

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