Temptress Topical Aphrodisiac

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Temptress is the key to multiple orgasms and is best used externally for heightened pleasure. Are you feeling tempted already?

Topical Aphrodisiacs with CBD have numerous beneficial effects for both men and women, including enhanced blood flow, release of tension in the pelvic area and decreased pain signaling for a more relaxed, sensual experience. A tantalizing blend of warming essential oils provides a warm sensation as blood flow increases wherever Temptress is applied. 

Temptress arrives in a signature Simple Jane Little Black Box for the perfect gift (or perfect treat for yourself!)

INGREDIENTS: Pure fractionated coconut oil, 50mg pure CBD oil, proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils containing cinnamon, clove, lemon peel, eucalyptus, rosemary oil.

**Due to the oil-based nature of the product, it should not be used with latex condoms.


How to use Temptress:

Apply with long, gentle strokes to sensual areas for arousing foreplay.

Massage onto clitoris before leaving for a date night out (and tell your partner at dinner you did so)

Want to learn more about Topical Aphrodisiacs? Let's talk about sexy stuff, babe.

Start a steamy conversation with some sexy questions from the Naughty and Nice Kit.

No partner? No problem! Get your self-love on! We recommend these crystal sex toys in combination with our Topical Aphrodisiac CBD lube products for a dreamy, high-vibe session that nourishes your endocannabinoid system and your soul.


The quality of your CBD sources and ingredients matter, especially in such an intimate area. Here's what you can always expect from Simple Jane Topical Aphrodisiac products:

All Simple Jane products are made with pure, hemp-derived CBD that is triple third-party tested for quality to ensure no GMO's, no pesticides/herbicides and no fungus or contaminants are present. We use organic, fractionated coconut oil and the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils to make our products.

3 reviews for Temptress Topical Aphrodisiac

  1. Simple Jane

    Here’s what Cosmo has to say about Temptress….”This oil boasts a spicy clove scent, a warmth that feels more organic than chemical, and 50 mg of CBD for suuuper-heightened sensations. Even a slow, meandering stroke can take you to a next-level orgasm.”

    Have an incredible experience? leave a review and let other lovers know about it 😉

  2. Leah R

    I think you know it’s an amazing product when your partner says, ‘I love Simple Jane…’ immediately after climax. Temptress and Cool Breeze rock our world! For Christmas last year, all of my girlfriends (and their significant others!) received the gift of Simple Jane! Now I’m hooked on the chapstick and bath soaks…I promise, you won’t be disappointed. You have a fan for life, Simple Jane!

  3. Phaedra

    I started with an order of Temptress, Naked, and Cool Breeze in April 2020. I don’t have a favourite – the silky texture is perfect in all, but it’s nice to have variety! These natural oils exceeded my expectations – they instantly take effect, enhancing my arousal every time. Tip: if you are using these for the first time – the effect is quite long lasting so if you only have time for a quicky, apply sparingly!

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