3 Ways to Calm the Chaos with CBD

From Subtle Detox to CBD Cocktails, Here are 3 Ways to Calm the Chaos.

CBD Bath Soak for Subtle Detox

Please, be nice to yourself. 

From about Thanksgiving through the first of the year, our bellies are full of sweet treats and seasonal favorites. It's no surprise by the time the Holidays are over, everyone is ready to "start fresh" and get back on track.

Some of the more popular cleanses such as

The Master Cleanse  and The Celery Juice Movement 

can be harsh and unforgiving to your body. If you do decide to go all in on a master detox, soaking in warm CBD mineral soaks can replenish trace minerals lost to sweat, urination and excessive water intake. Himalayan salt is actually your best option for bath soak products, as the salt itself will help you do the detox work by gently pull toxins from your body, while CBD nourishes your system to keep the balance.

Naked CBD Oil For Sexy Soft & Winter Skin Blues

Pure, Naked CBD Oil will help protect and repair dry, sensitive skin without any fragrance.

A few sprays into the bath will leave your skin feeling soft & silky while building a healthy protective barrier.

Naked is also great when used as a sensual massage oil. No need to worry about feeling icky and sticky. The lightweight feel and all-natural ingredients are safe for all over your body and feels like a little bit of luxury.

Solstice CBD Cider to Calm the Chaos

Tea is an experience meant to enjoy without rush or hurry.  For many people, the simple act of making tea can become a meditation.

Adding a bit of CBD into the element brings a sense of "celebration," if you will - a sense of turning a few moments into a relaxing experience.


Simple Jane's version of "Solstice Cider" is a hearty brew of organic green tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppercorns and the added Zenergy CBD adds a sweet kick of organic raw sugar, ginger and lemon with just enough CBD to balance the flavors and effects of mother nature’s ingredients.

Zenergy is also a great treat to mix into your own preferred tea or coffee to help balance the effects of caffeine.

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Learn How to Turn This Hearty Cider Into A Winter Cocktail

This hearty brew is the perfect match to turn into a winter cocktail by adding @franklyorganicvodka

To brew the tea: Boil water to 200 degrees and gently pour over 1-2 tablespoons Solstice Cider tea. Cover and steep for 3-5 minutes and add a tablespoon of Zenergy sugar. Add 1-2 ounces of vodka (or whiskey!) to warm cider or serve chilled in a martini glass straight-up.

💚Sip Sip, Smile ✨ our Solstice Cider and Zenergy combo is a limited release. Make sure you’re on the Guest List for first availability!


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