What is CBD Arousal Oil? Q&A with Simple Jane

So you have some questions about Arousal Oils....

Arousal Oil with CBD Cool Breeze

We created our arousal oil products with excitement and curiosity in mind. They were the first product line created by Simple Jane! While they are our most popular item, they are also the product we get the most questions about. In this video, we are going over some of our most frequently asked questions, answered by our founders, Chelsea & Angella.

Everyone's very first question is always..."what is an arousal oil?"

Most simply put, a Simple Jane arousal oil - like Temptress - is a sensual massage oil used externally on erogenous zones to stimulate arousal. Stimulating your erogenous zones leads to stimulate your body's own natural lubrication and heighten senses that leads to orgasm. An arousal oil isn't quite the same as a lube (more on that here!) and can actually be used together for a totally pleasurable experience for both partners if desired.

Tune in to the rest of the video above, where we answer more questions including:

Where do I spray it?

What will it feel like?

How long will it last?

How much to use?

Why is CBD in the product?

Have a question that we didn't answer here? Email them to us (hello@simplejaneco.wpengine.com) or leave a comment below and we will answer them in a Part Two video!


"Temptress both relaxed and excited me at the same time (I don’t understand how that works) and definitely no need for lubricant. We’re still working on getting the timing and amounts down, but having plenty of fun figuring it out. I have difficulty relaxing (unless drinking), so this is an amazing, natural product. For me, it actually has a bit of a delayed reaction."


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