What is an Arousal Oil, anyway?

Arousal is defined as "the physiological and psychological state of being awoken or of sense organs stimulated to a point of perception." Better than a cup of coffee, arousal is the kickstarter to your libido, and an arousal oil is like an extra shot.


Most important thing to know: an arousal oil

isn't lube!

Sexual lubricants are used internally to simulate the wetness of your body and minimize friction. But arousal oils are used externally - specially around your erogenous zones like your clitoris, labia, nipples and wherever else might titillate you- to enhance natural lubrication by increasing blood flow, heightening sensitivity and triggering natural lubrication.

A poll on Cosmopolitan Magazine shows that most people are interested in arousal products...but don't know where to start.

Let's get some quick & dirty facts...


Average number of American women orgasm through penetration - that's only 1 in 3. 


Number of women who state lack of enough arousal or stimulation is the reason they don’t reach orgasm.


Number of women who deserve to have a fully satisfying orgasm- including you.

what is an arousal oil with CBD

Where do you put an arousal oil?

If you're using an arousal oil with a partner, have some fun finding out where you like to be touched the most. These are called your Erogenous Zones. On the female body, there are some obvious places like the clitoris, labia, and around the opening on the vagina. 

There are also some less obvious but truly thrilling areas that can turn you on too! This can be areas like your earlobes, along your neck, the inside of your inner thigh, nipples and breasts, lower back. Communication is key on both sides. Your partner should ask for feedback as their hands are wandering. The sexiest three little words you can say? "I like that."

If you're playing solo, an arousal oil is an amazing tool to connect with your own body. Since the products are oil based, it's not recommended that you use any silicone toys. But using a crystal sexy toy like these ones from Chakrubs or Yoni Pleasure Palace are great places to start.

Why add CBD?

If you're using a product that has added CBD to its main components, it should be there for a purpose. In our arousal oils, CBD works synergistically with our selected essential oils to support blood flow, maintain balance, instigate natural lubrication, and ease muscle and tissue tension during intercourse.

All bodies can benefit from CBD, though it is particularly helpful to reduce pain signaling from imbalances like PCOS or for women experiencing dryness after menopause. But you don't need to address a problem to enjoy an arousal oil as part of your sensual play. It should be another tool to enhance your pleasure and intimacy with your partner or your own body.


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Simple Jane Arousal Oils are made with the minimal ingredients for the maximum pleasure.

  1. Organic Coconut Oil for a silky smooth glide that doesn't "gum up" or get sticky. An oil based product is the best option for the most natural feeling during pleasure and helps reduction friction, is lightly moisturizing and good for the skin.

  2. Therapeutic grade essential oils that smell amazing and work intentionally. Each of our Arousal Oils are formulated with a purpose...to warm and entice, to cool and excite or unscented for a silky neutral sensation.

  3. CBD isolate that is triple-tested for quality and purity

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