Soothe Summer Skin With These CBD Skincare Tips

Summer is Better With CBD

Summer Skin Tips With Simple Jane

It’s all fun in the sun…until the sun takes a beating on your and nothing bums you out more than itchy, painful, flaky or beat up summer skin.

The Academy of Dermatology lists a variety of summer skin woes that unfortunately go hand in hand with your summer of fun. These 4 summer woes are no match for a great supply of CBD topicals. Whether you’re jetsetting on an adventure or staycationing all season, we’ve got your CBD skincare solutions to keep you having fun, relaxed, and feeling amazing.

Prevent Acne Breakouts

It’s hot. You’re sweaty. And all of that is mixing with bacteria, clogging your pores, and really ruining your vacation selfie vibes.

Proactively using topical CBD to reduce inflammation and regulate oil control has been proven to prevent and control acne flare ups. Ditch the chemical treatments and prescriptions (especially since most of these require you to stay out of direct sunlight and increase skin sensitivity) and opt for an unscented CBD oil to blend in with your go-to SPF moisturizer for your CBD skincare routine.

Relieve Dry Skin

Maybe it’s a few too many cocktails, not enough water, and that pesky sunburn peeling that’s giving you flakes for days.

Our seasonal Sunburn Soother in our Summer Survival Kit is a deeply soothing CBD balm formulated to be non-greasy and skin-soothing, so you can apply and get back to your good time. The light and uplifting blend of geranium, lime, lavender and frankincense not only give you’re the perfect summer scent, but actively work to balance hormones and relieve irritated skin. The CBD in our Sunburn Soother formula calms down redness from sunburns, and the conditioning balm keeps dry patchy skin hydrated and healthy.

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Save You From Poison Oak/Ivy

The fastest way to ruin that glorious berry-picking, wood-hiking summer day is to experience the fierce itch after brushing against these unfortunate plants.

Swap your oatmeal bath and calamine lotion for a soak in Plain Jane CBD Bath Soak. This unscented restorative soak is formulated with unrefined mineral salts and pure CBD oil. This powerful natural combination of Himalayan Salt cured in CBD works to soothe the itch and reduce swelling and inflammation. Allow salt to dissolve in a warm (not hot!) bath and soak for at least 20 minutes to experience results. Seal in the moisture with an unscented CBD oil like Naked and keep the itching to a minimum.

Cool Down A Heat Rash

Heat Rash is caused by blocked sweat glands that prevent sweat from releasing through your skin. If you’re experiencing tiny, itchy humps and a prickly sensation on your skin, this could be a sign of heat rash.

Regular exfoliating and using non-pore-clogging skincare products is your best bet to keep your skin breathing. Our On The Mend Travel Balm and Oil in the Wellness Kit are a perfect solution to keep with you for minor skin fixes and woes, though it's our signature Himalayan Salt Stone that's the secret ingredient. When used as a massage tool in combination with the oil or balm, the Salt Stone acts as a gentle exfoliant, and allows the CBD to work deeper into skin and muscles. Apply to temples and shoulders to relieve tension and return trace minerals back to your skin as you sweat them out.

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