Himalayan Salt + CBD = <3

Our love for Himalayan Salt is no secret at Simple Jane. When combined with CBD, It has truly been one of the most life changing ingredients in our wellness experience! We are the first and only CBD company to incorporate CBD topical products and Himalayan Salt together and the result is a powerful healing modality that you can experience yourself daily, no spa appointment required.

Cut in self-love vibin' heart-shapes, the Himalayan Salt stones that we use are imported from the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Using Himalayan Salt in wellness has existed in holistic Eastern medicine for thousands of years, and is just now starting to pop up in Western culture.

Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits

You may have seen a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage offered on a spa menu at some point. The good news is, you can create your own at-home self-massage experience! For a true wellness treat, warm up your Himalayan salt stones, apply a massage oil or balm like On The Mend and use the warm stone with gentle pressure pressure to sore or tight areas and soak in the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of the CBD and Himalayan Salt combined. You can also keep your salt stone dry in a refrigerator if you prefer a cooling sensation.

Much like the feeling of bliss you get from walking along the beach by the ocean, a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage can also zero out the body’s electromagnetic field. As we are often glued to our electronic devices (phones, computers and TV's) these electronics can disrupt natural energy flow within the body. The stone’s neutral structure and natural resonant frequency help to realign energy pathways and restore balance to the central nervous system. Now that's what we call good vibes 🙂

Stay Salty All Summer!

The Recovery Kit contains our three favorite items, all in convenient travel sizes for you to keep on hand, wherever your summer takes you this year (even if it's just your back yard!).

  • Roll On The Mend oil into your shoulders and massage with rounded edges of the Himalayan Salt Stone to relax from your desk hunch mid-day.

  • On The Mend is not just for recovery! Apply On The Mend Oil on backs of hamstrings and massage with the salt stone to warm up your muscles before heading out for a run.

  • Keep your salt stone cool in the fridge and apply to back of neck to regulate your body temp on a hot day.

Soak It All In

Salt has a bad reputation these days. But the important thing to know is salt is essential to your full body wellness....you just need the right kind of salt. We cure our Himalayan Salts with magnesium and our unscented CBD Oil so you are soaking in a tub of pure, clean minerals that you WANT to obsorb into your body's largest organ: your skin!

Soak in a CBD Mineral Soak to:

  • Relieve a sunburn by soaking in a warm (not hot!) bath with 4-6 oz of Plain Jane soak. The salt cured in the CBD Oil encourages a natural protective barrier on the skin, prevents the skin from dryness and will speed up the healing process from your burn.

  • Relax cramped muscles after long days of hiking or being active outdoors

  • Relieve joint and arthritis pain with regular soaks

  • Keep your flip-flop feet feeling great with a foot soak

  • Detox after a few too many margaritas. The ionic nature of the salt will help draw out toxins through your skin and replenish essential trace minerals.

This combo kit is perfect for people who are looking for things straight and simple. Plain Jane CBD Oil is simply organic coconut oil and pure CBD, without any essential oils. It's a great carrier oil if you prefer to blend it with your own essential oils, or perfect just for use on its own for a scent-free experience. The convenience of the Roller Ball allows you to apply the oil mess-free anywhere you need (think: shoulder, knees, joints, etc.) and use the Himalayan Salt stone to massage the product in gentle strokes to relieve tension and inflammation.

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