3 Online Workouts We’re Sweating For

Actually Going To The Gym? NO THANKS.

Ok yes this is the season of eating a bajillion cookies and treats and wine. And yes we love fitness - it's truly the key to feeling amazing in your body!

But going to the gym can just be....no thank you. It's crowded or inconvenient or whatever the excuse is, we've made it ourselves.

That doesn't mean we're skipping our sweat though! It just means that we needed to get a little more creative what HOW we're sweating!

Guess what is neither crowded nor inconvenient? Streaming a workout from your laptop whether you're staying at your Mom's place for the holidays or burrowed away in your apartment for winter hibernation.

Wear whatever you want. Look however you want. MOVE however you want, zero judgement. This is good. We like this.

Here are our three SUPER EASY NO EXCUSES ways to get a sweat on.

  1. Buti Yoga Online Streaming It's no secret that we're low-key obsessed over Buti Yoga. It's sexy, sweaty, heart pumping and really brings out the vibes So even more amazing is the fact that you can stream Buti on literally any device, 24/7 on Buti TV. 

Turn up the volume. Shake your asana. Feel free. And BONUS, there's even a 14 day free trial to test things out!

Buti Yoga


2. 7 Minute Vixen Workout

SEVEN. MINUTES. That's IT. That's literally all you need to do to make yourself feel a little better.

We visited a studio in Scottsdale called FIT 6-7-8 that is the premiere Vixen Workout and holy goddess was it the most fun ever. These dance routines are no Zumba fitness (no offense to Zumba, which is also fun, in a different way) these high energy dance routines will make you forget you're supposed to be working out.

And if our Co-Founder Chelsea (who is extremely uncoordinated) can follow along, we promise you can too. And don't worry about doing it right. Just do it at all.



3. 20 Minute BURN with Pamela Reif

No gym equipment? No problem. This Youtube workout with Pamela Reif is fast, effective and will burn that booty a little bit so they can keep looking fabulous in those yoga pants.

What we love about this super fast 20 minute workout jam is the sessions are broken out with a timer, so you know exactly you have to hold that pose, do those squats and count down til you've got it DONE. Because you're a winner.

20 minute workout with Pamela Reif

Treat Yourself to a CBD Massage

WHEW! Glad that's over, right? You got down to business, now keep on that healthy train be recovering any sore muscles or achey bits with our CBD Recovery Kit.

This kit is perfect to take anywhere (in case you're brave and actually do make it out to the gym) thanks to the Travel Sizes of both the On The Mend Balm and On The Mend Oil. Use the Himalayan Salt Stone as your secret weapon to massage in balm or oil into calves, shoulders, hamstrings or basically anywhere that makes you say "ouch."

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