Recovery Kit


The Recovery Kit is your ultimate toolkit for overall body wellness. With our large Himalayan Salt massage stone, a Travel Size On The Mend, and 1 oz On The Mend Balm, this set is everything you need to get to healing for busy bodies.

Need to learn on how to use your salt stone for ultimate wellness benefits? Check out our Salt Stone Tips page for more details!

Doing the 9-5 grind and looking for ways to feel great at work?  Here’s 3 Ways To Use Your Recovery Kit At Your Desk


The On The Mend formula is an uplifting blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils and pure hemp-derived CBD created to soothe inflammation and sore muscles, relax body & mind, and speed up recovery so you can get back to doing the activities you love, faster.

The Recovery Kit also also a great gift for anyone who is looking to try out new CBD products! The On The Mend items in the kit are travel sized and perfect to take anywhere. If you're following us on Instagram, learn how to use your Himalayan Salt Stone for massage on our Instagram TV Series @simplejaneco

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