3 Essential Oils for Winter Holidays

Cover Me In Essential Oils & Tell Me I'm Pretty

We’re diffusing them. We’re bathing in them. We’re adding them to all our must-have products. Here’s our top 3 essential oil saviors that are riding in on Santa’s Sleigh to keep you holiday fresh and fiesty.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Find it in: On The Mend & Frosted

Good ol’ Peppermint. It’s one of those must-have essential oils that’s right along next to its ride-or-die Lavender. Peppermint’s stimulating qualities are exactly what we love about it. The active compounds found in Peppermint Oil are beneficial for all the anti-inflammatory goodness that works every wonder from relieving headaches, muscle soreness and ditching general inflammation. And when the holidays come around (Overeating! In-Laws! Uncomfortable outfits that looked cuter on the shelf!) then we can use all the inflammation aid we can get.

Here’s how we’re getting our peppermint fix:

  • Applying On The Mend oil to chest, neck and nasal pressure points to relieve congestion (see ya, flu season)
  • Slipping into our sexiest high heels for that holiday party pain-free thanks to a generous application of On The Mend Balm

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Find it in: Temptress & Cinnabomb

It’s not all candy canes and Starbucks cocktails up in here with Cinnamon, because we’re making things a little more bombshell than that. Here’s a fun fact: orgasms relieve tension as oxytocin is released by stimulating feelings of warmth, relaxation and a dramatic release of anxiety and stress.

Whether you’re shacking up with your lover or doing it for yourself (get it, girl), Temptress is here to take that orgasm up a notch. The warming cinnamon and clove formula is perfect for topical use to warm things up as blood flow increases with the warming essential oils to bring you to Le Petit Morte a little faster (that’s French for O-Time, baby).

If you’re looking for the more G rated version (for now) a little swipe of Cinnabomb CBD Lip Balm might set that stage for later. Our balm formula is non-greasy so it’s not sitting on top of your lips to get caught in your hair with one blow of the wind (we hate that) and soaks in with warming essential oils. Because we’re not about to pucker up with chapped lips, the CBD in Cinnabomb works to repair the skin on your lips long term to keep them healthy, sexy and oh so kissable.

Frankincense Essential Oil 

Find it in: Laura’s Balm & Little Box of Blessings

If we had to guess, it should have been Three Wise Women who brought the frankincense to the manger that blustery winter night. This powerhouse essential oil is a woodsy, earthy grounding oil that is known to reduce feelings of anxiety, stimulate the immune system and diminish signs of aging. That’s why it’s an essential ingredient in Laura’s Balm, which is a soothing formula designed for skin repair.

If you’re the type of person whose skin starts to crack the second the winter wind blows, then this is an essential in your wellness arsenal.

We are Balm superfans beyond just the beauty aspect through - using a CBD balm regularly will help you build a healthy skin barrier that can protect you from winter germs. Who has time for getting sick? NOT THE SIMPLE JANE BABES. Apply daily for zen results and silky smooth skin.

Find Laura’s Balm on its own in a 2 oz tin, or in a travel size in our Little Box of Blessings.

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