Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with Holistic Healing News

Holistic Healing News knows that the best way to your love’s heart is a little CBD massage.

Our Naughty & Nice Box made top of the list, featuring our sexiest Topical Aphrodisiacs, Cool Breeze and Temptress. But the best part is our sexy conversation starters to really heat things up.

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Intimacy is the beautiful and inspiring part of being human! Using CBD massage oils for sensual massage (whether that starts perhaps with a back rub and continues…elsewhere) will help you ease into the experience, relax, and enjoy a luxury lubricant designed to heal and restore your sensual spirit, without all the chemicals in your grab-and-go drugstore brands.

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No partner? Girl. No problem. Our Topical Aphrodisiacs work for all that good self-love that you deserve. Our preferred method? Find a yoni wand (we love these crystal ones from Chakrubs for super high-vibes) and explore the pleasure and restorative qualities of CBD massage oils with yourself.