Naughty & Nice Arousal Kit


The Naughty & Nice kit is a fun way for couples to spend a racy evening of conversation and discovery using Simple Jane CBD Arousal Oils

The box comes with two Topical Aphrodisiacs: Cool Breeze and Temptress. The subtle minty undertones of Cool Breeze and slightly tingly feeling of the warm blend of cinnamon oils of Temptress give you the best of both worlds for an evening of discovery and pleasure.

Great for Newlyweds and anniversaries, or better yet, an otherwise mundane Tuesday night. There is no occasion necessary to experience pleasure daily!


The Naughty & Nice kit contains a set of playful question cards to set the mood with your partner.

Each one of the ‘Nice’ cards start with a sexy question designed to learn something new about your Lover.┬áNaughty cards take it one step further with a ‘dare’ to inspire you to take action.

Want to learn more about Topical Aphrodisiacs? Let’s talk about sexy stuff, babe.

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