11 Ways to Add CBD To Your Wellness Routine

You have your first CBD product...now what?!

Using CBD as a part of your daily wellness routine is what we made Simple Jane for. It's not a special occasion, you have the tools to feel amazing in your body every day. Need some inspiration to create a new wellness routine? Here are 11 simple ways to add in a CBD product to your daily routine.


  1. Use On The Mend For Pre-Workout Muscle Warm Up. You know you should be stretching, but using a topical CBD product pre-workout will condition your muscles before you hit your fitness. Increased flexibility is the key to avoiding injury!
  2. Relieve Joint Pain With On The Mend and a Salt Stone massage
  3. Drink Some CBD Tea like this one from Glow Water.
  4. Take a Bath - Soak in some unrefined mineral salts with Plain Jane and add your favorite essential oils if you're feeling fancy
  5. Keep a Roller Ball of On The Mend At Your Desk for a midday shoulder massage or aromatherapy boost
  6. Gua Sha Facial Massage with Blessed. Break out your Gua Sha tools or better yet, a Himalayan Salt Stone and massage Blessed Massage Oil into your face to tone your facial muscles and reduce puffiness.
  7. Spice It Up In The Bedroom With A Topical Aphrodisiac. It's true, Temptress is our #1 selling product. Learn more about CBD arousal oils here....
  8. Take a hike with an On The Mend Balm to the rescue. We never leave home without it. Whether you're soothing bug bites, scratches or sore muscles it's a must-have on your adventures.
  9. Set the tone for meditation practice. Using your favorite massage oil, apply to palms of your hands, breathe deep, and guide your hands to any tough spots. Create a practice and signal your brain it's time to go within.
  10. Apply a CBD Balm on your feet after wearing not-your-comfiest shoes or standing all day
  11. Soak your feet in On The Mend bath soak to reduce inflammation.


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