We’re Nominated for “Best of our Valley” Best CBD Company

Every year, Arizona Foothills publishes their "Best of Our Valley" nominations for top companies doing the coolest things in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. As an Arizona-based company, we are passionate about being involved in our community and supporting other locally owned business.

When we saw we were nominated for "Best CBD" we were even more excited. Not only because this is now a category to be voted on (hey, progress!) but because we've worked so hard to support our local wellness community and we feel like this is a little high-five as a result.

Thanks For Your Vote. Because Really, It's YOUR Support That Makes Us The Best.

Are you wondering what makes us the Best of Our Valley worthy? Here's a few reasons why:

  • Premium Quality CBD - we use the highest tested and safest CBD on the market. In fact, it's the only CBD listed in the Prescriber's Desk Reference to date.

  • Simple Ingredients - there's no preservatives, gums, parabens or icky stuff. With so many new CBD brands on the market, the New Guys On The Block are often white-labeling their products and selling you a package. Our recipes are owned and developed BY us, FOR you, with nothing else in between.

  • Woman Owned Small Business - when you're buying from us, you're putting your dollars right back in to your own economy. Supporting woman-owned businesses develops the growth of one of the most essential demographics to a diverse economy. That's a "hell yeah" in our books.

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