Try This Not That for Foot Relief

CBD Foot Fizz

Drop it in the tub and let it fizz, while essential oils, baking soda, arrowroot and salt and bentonite clay go work to soothe and detox feet.

16 oz resealable package with 100 mg, CBD good for 8-10 applications.

CBD Body Scrub

Get ready for "wow" worthy skin after a little polish with our On The Mend scrub, made with unrefined mineral salts, our signature CBD oil, and therapeutic essential oils.

Simple Jane CBD Pedicure

On the Mend Oil

Bright and uplifting, On The Mend is our signature spa formula used for massages and more. A silky smooth glide comes from organic coconut oil, premium CBD for anti-inflammatory benefits and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

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I use the on the mend oil almost nightly and it really helps me ease into complete relaxation. I have turned many of my friends on to these products and everybody is just so impressed. I could not imagine my life without the Simple Jane products.

- Holly

Being a woman in Crohns remission, but now arthritic, I have relied on “On the Mend” along with the salt stone to ease the swelling & aches in all my joints & muscles. it’s like therapy for me without all the drugs! I highly recommend anyone to use their products which are all safe, natural & effective!!!

- Lisa G. 

Great products, cant believe the impact it has had on my knee and back.

- Matt H. 

On The Mend CBD Massage Oil