Tennis Warm Ups & Cool Downs with Simple Jane CBD

This Quick Tennis Warm Up Will Help You Ace Your Match

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Warm Up Muscles and Joints with On the Mend Body Oil Before You Hit the Courts:

Applying On the Mend CBD body oil before your match can help loosen tight, achy muscles and joints before your next tennis or pickleball match.

Spray directly into the palms of your hands to release aromatherapy and activate CBD receptors throughout the body.

Place your hands on the back of your neck, shoulders, and chest. Breathe deeply and spend a few minutes here massaging neck and shoulder muscles.

*Continue to apply the massage oil throughout the torso and low back, paying extra attention to tight muscles and sore spots.

Quick Tennis Mobility Minute Warm Up

Stretching helps increase flexibility, prevent injury, and improve overall performance. However, there are two types of stretching that individuals can perform: dynamic stretching and static stretching. Here are the differences and how using topical CBD can help:

Dynamic Stretching : Dynamic stretching involves active movements that mimic the activity or sport you are about to perform. The goal of dynamic stretching is to increase blood flow, warm up muscles, and prepare the body for physical activity. Some examples of dynamic stretching include walking lunges, high knees, and leg swings.

Dynamic stretching is particularly beneficial for athletes and individuals participating in high-intensity sports, as it helps to improve flexibility, agility, and coordination. It also helps to activate and engage muscles, reducing the risk of injury during physical activity. Additionally, dynamic stretching has been shown to improve performance by enhancing power output and reaction time.


Resisted, Static Stretching

Resisted static stretching involves holding a stretch in a fixed position for a prolonged period, typically around 30 seconds and gives resistance in the opposite direction.  Some examples of static stretching include hamstring stretches, quad stretches, and calf stretches.

Resisted stretching is particularly beneficial for improving flexibility, reducing muscle soreness, and promoting relaxation after physical activity.


However, it is not recommended as a warm-up before physical activity, as it can decrease muscle power and performance. Instead, it is best performed after physical activity or as a separate stretching routine.


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Cool Down With Frosted Peppermint Oil

After a tough match, cool down by applying Frosted Peppermint Oil into the back of the neck or mix with water for a body spray. The cool menthol will leave you feeling refreshed and trick you body into cooling down faster.

Finish Your Match With A CBD Bathsoak

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Replace lost trace minerals and reduce Delayed Muscle Soreness with On the Mend bath soak and body scrub. To get the best results, gently massage some of the all-natural scrub into sore areas before you soak into the bath and finish with On the Mend body oil when you get out.


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