Top Ways to Use Naked Coconut Oil with CBD

Benefits of Coconut Oil & CBD

Pure coconut oil and CBD are full of medium-chain fatty acids, like lauric and linoleic acid, that are helpful for soothing dry skin and assist in the healing process.

Top Ways to Use Coconut Oil & CBD

Make a Peppermint Rosemary Hair Growth Oil:

Rosemary, peppermint, and CBD oils have been shown to bring circulation to the scalp to help improve hair strength and new growth. Brew a batch of all-natural Hair Growth Serum that works for hair and scalp conditions.

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Try Something Sexy: Whether you’re creating a sensual body experience with vanilla and cacao or warming up with your partner for something sexy, a bottle of Naked on your nightstand is always a good idea 😉 

Use with a Salt Stone Massage: Naked is a great pure CBD alternative for people with sensitive skin and low tolerance for essential oil aromatherapy. 

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