How to Reduce Office Stress At Your Desk

Get a Frosted Refresh: 

You may be suffering from a little brain fog. Here's how to clear the air:

Place 6-12 drops of Frosted Peppermint oil into a small spray bottle with filtered water and use an all-over body spray to keep things cool.

Breathe Deep: Place some On The Mend oil from your rollerball into your hands with a few drops of Frosted and place close to your nose. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Think about your goal and say it like an affirmative mantra in your head.

Here’s a frequent one from Simple Jane HQ:

  • I am clear, focused, and achieve my goals in front of me today.

Apply the oil on your hands to your temples, neck, and shoulders and let the tension melt away.

Why It works: The aromatherapy in On The Mend is designed to create calm, clarity and energy. Let the smell of Lavender will relax your mind into its creative state. Allow the uplifting Peppermint and Spearmint and Eucalyptus to revive and energize you. And feel the undertones of Vetiver ground you to get ready to hit the ground running.

Releasing Neck Tension:

The Himalayan Salt stone is more than just desk decor!

How To: Apply a little Balm or Oil to your shoulders. Using the rounded edges of the stone, rub up and down your shoulders to release knots and tough spots. Spend at least 1-2 full minutes on each side, taking deep breathes as your smooth out knots.

Why It Works: Salt & CBD is seriously the magic combo. Our signature Himalayan Salt massage stones work as a gentle exfoliant on your skin and allows the CBD product to work deeper into your skin. The trace minerals from the salt keeps skin hydrated and healthy and the massage techniques helps your CBD product work deeper into your fascia to keep shoulders from creeping back up!

Bonus: Keep Away Office Germs

We originally created On The Mend during Flu Season when we needed something to keep ick germs away. While its many uses evolve, this is still a great way to keep that Office Cold at bay.

How To: Apply balm after washing your hands throughout the day. Massage the rollerball oil into your neck with a gentle lymph massage to keep that lymphatic system strong and stimulated. If you’re really ready to go for it, swipe a little bit of balm on the inside of your nostrils before you head in to work to keep that barrier strong!

Why It Works: Creating a healthy skin barrier is essential to your immune system. The CBD and cleansing essential oils in On The Mend are made to protect and prevent an immune attack and will keep you safe from germs all Flu Season long! Apply generously!

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