Cosmo Pairs Temptress With Top 5 Sex Positions

Feeling like a Temptress? We’ve got you (un)covered with our lineup of premium CBD Topical Aphrodisiac.

Our Topical Aphrodisiac line was the original Simple Jane product! That’s why when Cosmo featured Temptress on their list of Top 5 Sex Positions in a recent article, we were thrilled! We’re not saying it was better than sex…but hey, it got close!

There a ton of benefits of CBD and your sensual health. For women, integrating anything into a wellness experience to make us more relaxed, nourish our skin, and enhance pleasure is a “hell yes.” One of CBD’s best uses is its ability to repair tissue damage and improve blood flow to the genitals. This is particularly important if you have a hard time relaxing during sex as a CBD lubricant helps to not only ease tissue during your time, but overall heal and relax with continued use. For women experiencing menopause or menstrual symptoms, using a CBD lubricant can ease symptoms, and overall repair and restore your vaginal health by lowering inflammation, and nourishing your skin.

There’s a stigmas around talking about your sex life that can feel private, and a little silly. But we bet if you get your girlfriends together (and maybe add in a glass or two of wine), you’ll hear more than one giggly story about how CBD has enhanced someone’s sex life. CBD lube can relieve women of the pain they commonly feel during penetration because it relaxes the tissues in the area…we could all use a little bit more relaxation, right?

Artwork by @lucymacaroni

The therapeutic essential oils in both Temptress and Cool Breeze are designed to heighten blood-flow and arouse with external yoni massage. If you’re looking for an unscented experience that still has the benefits of our coconut-oil based lubricant, Naked is another option and can be used for various other purposes as a general massage oil as well.

If anyone is looking to get a little Cannabis Cowgirl on, make sure you do some homework and send your lover the article to give them a little inspiration too…