[NEWS] Simple Jane Approved Utah CBD

On the Mend & Frosted CBD Collection

The cannabis and CBD  landscape is still tricky in many states. We’re excited to announce we are registered and approved in the state of Utah!  We're looking forward to sharing Simple Jane products

We're really proud of our new, upgraded formula  and packaging to share them with spas and select wellness boutiques throughout Utah and the US.

Simple Jane products are versatile and can be used in so many ways to complement your spa services. Here are a few ways our clients are using Simple Jane to help grow their business and help clients coming back for more:

Using Frosted CBD with Infrared Sauna: 

Warm up and recover faster from a day on the mountain with an infrared sauna and CBD salt stone massage.  Infrared saunas not only warm up the body but also promote other wellness benefits such as:     

  • Reducing Stress and fatigue reduction 
  • Increased blood circulation,
  • Pain reduction & detoxification
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Increase metabolic rate 


Applying Frosted CBD before and during your sauna session can help increase blood circulation, oxygen flow, and cardio function while ‘tricking’ the body into feeling cooler. 

Simple Jane for Massage Therapy

Simple Jane CBD products

CBD Stretch Therapy

Our lightweight, all-natural topical CBD  formulas  are perfect for warming up muscles and joints before workouts and stretch therapy. * Ask for a Stretch Therapy Demo and learn how Simple Jane can improve flexibility provide long-lasting results in fascia health.

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  • Frosted can also be mixed in with On the Mend oil and On the Mend muscle balm for extra relief of muscle pain, strains, and inflammation.
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