How to Stay Cool With Frosted Peppermint Oil

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Whether you're suffering from hot flashes or the sweltering summer heat, using a topical CBD oil can help regulate body temperature and keep you cool.  The intense cooling properties of the peppermint oil tricks the body into feeling cool while the CBD attaches to the receptors throughout the skin to bring the body back in balance.

Here are some of our ways to stay cool with CBD:

Frosted Peppermint Mist 

Simple and powerful, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils are used for their anti fungal and antioxidant properties : qualities that help fight infection and symptoms that affect the respiratory tract. We all know “Vick’s Vapor Rub”, right? That’s the “feel the burn” quality of menthol. But the therapeutic-grade essential oils in On The Mend are not designed to “burn” the same way that a heavy dose of peppermint typically does. It works synergistically with all the other essential oils to soothe and relax nasal passages. So go ahead, rub some On The Mend Oil between your palms and breathe deep. Whether it’s cold, flu, or seasonal allergies, we added just the right dose of peppermint to contribute its expectorant, anti-inflammatory and overall invigorating properties.

CBD Salt Soak & Scrub

Following up on the benefits of CBD aromatherapy, adding steam to this treatment can increase the benefits substantially.

Ancient Egyptians, as well as other ancient cultures, used inhalations and steam therapy in a variety of ways for better respiratory health and strength.

Steam opens up your pores and promotes sweating to get rid of dead skin, bacteria, and dirt that builds up on the skin.

The moist heat also stimulates circulation to the skin’s surface, which means more oxygen and nutrients reach your skin to keep it healthy and glowing.

The CBD, in this case,feeds the receptors in our skin, helping to reduce inflammation and strengthen the fibers and elasticity.

Chilled Salt Stone Massage 

Add a few drops of Frosted Mint CBD to SuperCharge Your Chill.

The Best CBD Combo for Staying Cool

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