Spine Stretches for Back Pain Relief

Common Causes of Back Pain & How to Find Relief:

Back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world, and it can be caused by a variety of factors:

  1. Lack of physical activity: Prolonged sitting or a sedentary lifestyle can cause weakness and inflammation.
  2. Overuse Injury: Repetitive movements, improper lifting, and overuse of back muscles can lead to back injuries.
  3. Injury or trauma: A previous injury or trauma to the spine or surrounding muscles can cause tightness and immobility.
  4. Imbalance: Imbalances in muscle strength or flexibility in the hips, legs, or lower back can cause tightness and discomfort.
  5. Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions such as arthritis or sciatica can cause back pain and tightness.
  6. Emotional stress: Stress and tension can cause the back and hip muscles to tighten and hold stress in the fascia up as part of the body's natural stress response for protection.

Spine Stretches for Back Pain Relief

In some instances, weak back and abdominal muscles can cause or worsen low back pain. That's why stretching and strengthening your back and abdominal muscles are important not only for treating low back pain, but also for helping to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Relieve Back Pain and Tension with a Salt Stone Massage

First, apply On the Mend balm to hips, sides, lower back, and any sore spots. Then, take the salt stone and massage it in to loosen up achy joints.

Next, continue with some Restisted Stretching Techniques with the Stretch Strap or sturdy band.

One Minute Standing Spine Stretch with Extension 

Start with a Frosted Mist and apply On the Mend balm on to low back and sides, head, neck, chest and shoulders. Massage into spots that are extra tight and sore. 

Stand tall with your feet in a shoulder-width distance apart with the strap between your hands. Inhale for 4 counts and as you raise your arms above your head and act as though you are ‘pulling the strap apart’ above your head for 7 counts, then slowly exhale for 8 counts as you start to roll the spine down vertebra by vertebra until you reach a comfortable position and repeat. 

Keep feet firmly planted and abs tight as you keep lengthening the spine, reaching to the sky. Only bend if you feel supported, otherwise, stay where you feel strong and don’t overextend the back. 

Spine Stretch

One Minute Standing Spine Stretch with Flexion

Start in a standing position with the stretch strap under your feet in a parallel position.

Start to ‘Roll Down’ your spine vertebra by vertebra until you reach a forward hang position. 

Use your hands to pull the strap towards you as you exhale and tighten your abs. 

Feel the stretch in your low back and slowly start to roll yourself back up to a standing position. 

Stand in a tall, lengthened position, pull the straps with your hands and look from side to side stretching the neck and opening the chest. 

Ready to loosen up your spine and feel great? Try it for yourself and feel low back pain and tension melt away.

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