Simple Jane Co + CURV Body Lounge

Love The Skin You're In

You can now find Simple Jane CBD products at this innovative body contouring lounge in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, AZ

CURV speaks your body language.

Your lymph system is one of the most essential systems in your body to wellness, immune system and metabolism regulation. Its also significantly overlooked in your self-care - which is why we are OBSESSED with CURV Body Lounge and their mission to provide premium quality lymphatic drainage in the most chic setting we've ever seen.

CURV is using innovative body contouring with advanced technology and techniques for lymphatic drainage, detox, body sculpting and beyond to bring you into your best self, totally naturally.

The services are designed for post operation body treatments including lipo or surgery as Post op lymphatic drainage is beneficial for breaking down scar tissue and is highly suggested by cosmetic surgeons for speeding up recovery and obtaining optimal results. But our favorite part is ALL bodies can absolutely benefit from these treatments, as the benefits of lymphatic massage are endless to your overall well-being!


Curv Body Lounge Scottsdale

You also CANNOT miss the signature CURV dry brushing. With simple movements a few times a week, dry brushing is an invigorating and beneficial to continue your at-home treatment. Benefits include:

• stimulating your lymphatic system ⁣

• exfoliates your skin ⁣

• helps to rid the body of toxins ⁣

• increases energy and circulation ⁣

• helps reduce cellulite⁣

Dry brushing and finishing with a layer of On The Mend Massage Oil is a recipe for the most vibrant skin and lymph system you'll ever have, with such a short time to dedicate to a little bit of self-care and body love.

CURV Body Lounge Scottsdale

4207 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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