How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil

8 Ways To Use Frosted CBD Essential Oil To Dose Up Your Life!

Frosted Peppermint oil

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Peppermint oil has been a mainstay in holistic health purposes for thousands of years. With benefits ranging from digestive relief, pain relief, cold and sinus infections and even mental benefits like improved cognitive focus and stress relief, it truly does seem like a one-stop-shop for holistic health improvement.

By adding CBD to the mix, we have powered up the benefits of peppermint essential oil to truly be a must-have on hand for feeling better in your body.

Here’s just a handful of ways you can utilize your bottle of Frosted Essential Oil and experience the benefits of peppermint essential oil to keep you thriving.

Mix with On The Mend Oil

Frosted is like a power boosted for your muscle massage, add a few drops to On The Mend Oil to dose up spots that need extra attention. The addition of CBD to our potent bottle of Frosted is important as an added anti-inflammatory benefit to help reduce swelling an inflammation in a targeted area.

On The Mend is our signature CBD body oil, and is made with the simplest, most potent ingredients to soothe your body. Our custom blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, vetiver and lavender is our 6 blend secret to working with your fascia and muscles to relax and restore. Our silky smooth fractionated coconut oil base creates a protective barrier to aid healthy skin, without being greasy or sticky. And of course the CBD in every bottle works with your body to soothe soreness, reduce inflammation and overall restore balance to your body. Apply generously!

Add to a spray bottle with filtered water

Keep a spray bottle at your desk (like this one!) with 6-12 drops of Frosted to refresh yourself throughout the day, or take it with you to hot yoga to help regulate your skin’s surface temperature. The cooling sensation from the peppermint oil will help cool you down and leave you feeling refreshed and revived!

Apply to back of neck or scalp for headache relief

Just a couple of drops on your fingers applied to tension points. Massage gently and feel the tingly relief wash over you.

The cooling sensation that you feel is due to the high quality menthol in the mint oils, which is a natural pain reliever known as an “analgesic.” This compound activates pain receptors in your skin to relieve pain that you’re feeling, without the horrible side effects of over the counter or prescribed medications. Take that, migraines!

Apply to palms and breathe deep for aromatherapy.

Peppermint aromatherapy is beneficial in improving cognitive function during focus sessions as well as reducing stress.

The benefits of peppermint oil inhalations are extensive, from cold/flu relief, seasonal allergy relief and more. You can apply Frosted to the palms of your hands, cup them over your nose and breath deeply. You can also add some drops to a cool mist humidifier and breathe in the mist.

Bring to next workout session

Bring your spray bottle or just apply a few drops to pressure points to cool down your sweat session while you’re in the sauna or at the gym. A 2019 Study showed that using peppermint oil in hot climates with athletes helped them cool down, without losing their internal core temperature, resulting in better overall athletic performance.

Make Frosted Peppermint Rosemary Hair Oil from The Simple Spa

In our debut book, The Simple Spa, we have a DIY recipe perfect for making your hair strong and glossy! See how we’re making the recipe here, and then try it for yourself! This 2014 study showed the benefits and potential for peppermint to promote hair growth with zero side effects. Its stimulating effect worked with hair follicles showing improved bio-markers for hair growth.

Use as a foot massage

Tired, cramps legs and feet? Mix with On The Mend Balm to relieve and revive tired, sore toes and cracked heels.

On The Mend Balm is the partner product to our CBD body oil. Formulated with beeswax and Vitamin E along with coconut oil and our signature 6 essential oil blends, a body balm is perfect for skin relief as well as a little extra love around joints. The best recipe for relief is to apply a little balm to your feet, add in 2-3 drops of Frosted oil, and massage in slowly.

Our hydrating balm with soften and work with the CBD to reduce any swelling or inflammation around your joints, hydrate your skin and nails. Peppermint oil, along with lemongrass and eucalyptus have all been found to be effective anti-fungal and anti-microbials that can be particularly effective at cleaning up ailments such as athletes foot and toenail fungus. Apply to clean, dry feet to treat overgrowths of fungi on your skin as a natural, holistic home remedy!

Women's monthly relief

Massage over lower belly and back to relieve menstrual cramps. Make sure to use a carrier oil like coconut oil (or even better, On The Mend Oil). The cooling and anti-inflammatory benefits of peppermint oil along with CBD make it an excellent natural pain remedy and help to relieve symptoms like nausea and fatigue.