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Buti Yoga CBD Bliss

Top 3 Health Benefits of Yoga

By Matcha | Nov 8, 2019

Are you thinking of taking yoga classes? Yoga is one of the oldest practices for a healthy mind and body. For 5,000 years, yoga has been practiced by many people all over the world. There is no doubt that yoga is a powerful form of fitness, which provides physical and mental benefits. The health benefits…

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CBD For Feet

For The Love of Feet

By SimpleJane | Nov 4, 2019

Why CBD For Your Feet Is Changing The Game Oh, the places you’d go…if only your feet we’re hurting so badly! There are 26 bones in each foot, as well as 33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons and 107 ligaments. That means nearly a quarter of all the bones in your body are in your…

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Limited Edition 2019 Seasonal CBD Products

Seasonal Limited Editions Are HERE!

By SimpleJane | Nov 1, 2019

Oh Hello Gorgeous If you’re the person who is taking down their Halloween decorations today (November 1st) we see you, you festive babe. Every season we launch our latest and greatest limited edition production products. These change with the seasons and reflect the changes our bodies need too. CBD is all about balance, so use…

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The Ultimate Antiaging Skin Care Routine For The Working Mother

The Ultimate Antiaging Skin Care Routine For The Working Mother

By Matcha | Oct 31, 2019

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror? If you do so on a daily basis, then you are likely to pay more attention to the lines and wrinkles which appear on your face from time to time. From the age of 25, our bodies produce lesser amounts of growth hormones. As…

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How To Spot And Treat Psoriasis

How To Spot And Treat Psoriasis

By Matcha | Oct 30, 2019

Expert advice from a dermatologist on how to deal with this skin condition Let’s get the really bad news out of the way first, which is that there is no cure for psoriasis. It’s a chronic condition and its symptoms can be better or worse at different times. However, there is plenty of good news…

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How to Prep Your Skin for the Fall

By Matcha | Oct 28, 2019

When the seasons change, your skin care routine should, too. Get a radiant complexion this autumn by incorporating these tips into your fall skin care routine. . The Healthy Moms Magazine Drink Water When fall approaches, the air gets dry. In some areas, blustering winds and dry conditions leave skin flaky. The best and most…

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Himalayan Salt

What The (Himalayan) Salt?

By SimpleJane | Oct 25, 2019

We’re A Little Salty at Simple Jane | Here’s Why We truly believe in the power of a bath. It’s more than a trendy self-care ritual. The combination of unrefined mineral salts and CBD is a serious recovery powerhouse. Being immersed in water past your chest with your head out, can enhance your lung capacity and oxygen…

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How to Store Your Beauty and Skincare Products Properly

By Matcha | Oct 23, 2019

For many women (and men), stocking up on beauty and skincare products is an investment. It's a way for them not just to look good but also to take good care of their skin in order to keep it happy and healthy. Because these products won't work as well as they should if they're not…

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Skin Sanctuary Gilbert AZ Simple Jane Stockist

New Stockist Alert! | Skin Sanctuary

By SimpleJane | Oct 10, 2019

Feel Amazing In Your Skin Every Day   Make-up is fabulous, but we love the ability to go bare-faced and let that natural beauty shine through. As we age, having a great esthetician in your corner is essential for feeling amazing in your skin day after day. The skin is your body’s largest organ and…

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