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The Best Essential Oils For Skin

By SimpleJane | January 27, 2023

Save Your Skin With Our Best Essential Oil Blends In On The Mend Your skin is your first line of defense against illness. It is your body’s largest organ. By nurturing your skin and creating a strong, healthy skin barrier, you are setting up your body to thrive. In our signature On The Mend formula,…

[NEWS] Simple Jane Approved Utah CBD

By Simple Jane | January 25, 2023

On the Mend & Frosted CBD Collection The cannabis and CBD  landscape is still tricky in many states. We’re excited to announce we are registered and approved in the state of Utah!  We’re looking forward to sharing Simple Jane products We’re really proud of our new, upgraded formula  and packaging to share them with spas…

Can a CBD Sports Massage Help Your Train Better?

By SimpleJane | January 18, 2023

Benefits of a CBD Sports Massage Massage therapy has been a popular recovery and performance-enhancement tool for athletes for many years. Regular massage can help athletes maintain optimal muscle function, reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall performance. One of the main benefits of massage for athletes is the ability to increase blood flow.…

How to Use Peppermint Oil For Headaches

By Simple Jane | January 6, 2023

Do you suffer from tension headaches? Read On We knew Frosted Peppermint Oil was good for topical pain relief but we were surprised (to be honest) by how many people were already using plain therapeutic peppermint essential oil for tension headaches! According to this episode from Huberman Labs podcast, using Peppermint Oil for certain types…

How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil

By SimpleJane | October 21, 2022

8 Ways To Use Frosted CBD Essential Oil To Dose Up Your Life! Shop This Post! Peppermint oil has been a mainstay in holistic health purposes for thousands of years. With benefits ranging from digestive relief, pain relief, cold and sinus infections and even mental benefits like improved cognitive focus and stress relief, it truly…

CBD Pedicure in Arizona

Where to Find A CBD Pedicure In AZ

By SimpleJane | October 3, 2022

BEST CBD Pedicures in the Valley: CBD continues to be recognized as a natural soother of your soles, whether you’re simply looking to relax your feet or if you’re looking to relieve pains from neuropathy or even plantar fasciitis. These CBD Pedicure experiences feature On The Mend products, which are designed to reduce inflammation and…

Utah Spa Date

By Simple Jane | September 16, 2022

If you love the idea of outdoor adventures but like a little ‘spa time’ too, then read on: This hike & bike adventure that ends with CBD foot soaks & salt sessions will be right up your alley. Fall Hiking & Biking at Soldier’s Hollow  Just outside of Park City, is the gateway to some…

On The Mend In The Office

How to Reduce Office Stress At Your Desk

By SimpleJane | September 13, 2022

Get a Frosted Refresh:  You may be suffering from a little brain fog. Here’s how to clear the air: Place 6-12 drops of Frosted Peppermint oil into a small spray bottle with filtered water and use an all-over body spray to keep things cool. Breathe Deep: Place some On The Mend oil from your rollerball…

Plan an Arizona Spa Vacation at the Climate House

By Simple Jane | August 28, 2022

Have a Mini Spa Vacation at The Arizona Climate House Resort spa vacations are a great way to relax and let your troubles fade away but if you’re looking for a true custom spa experience, a Spa Retreat at the Climate House could be just the right fit for you. The Arizona Climate House is…

New: CBD Sauna Sessions @ Optimyze Wellness Centers

By Simple Jane | August 23, 2022

Super Chill Your Next Sauna Session @ Optimyze Wellness Center You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of hot/cold contrast therapy.  Optimyze Wellness Centers have all the things to help you optimize your physical and mental performance with services such as:  Infrared Sauna  Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy  Cold…

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Soal Wellness Sleep Tips

By Simple Jane

Cracking the Sleep Code: Unveiling Top Reasons and Solutions for Inadequate Sleep Disrupted or inadequate sleep is a big problem for many people today. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 3 adults in the United States reported not getting enough rest or sleep every day, and nearly 40% of…

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[NEWS] Simple Jane Approved Utah CBD

By Simple Jane

On the Mend & Frosted CBD Collection The cannabis and CBD  landscape is still tricky in many states. We’re excited to announce we are registered and approved in the state of Utah!  We’re looking forward to sharing Simple Jane products We’re really proud of our new, upgraded formula  and packaging to share them with spas…

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Scottsdale CBD Company Is Fixing Your Feet With A Sole Revival

By SimpleJane

Scottsdale-based CBD business, Simple Jane, is curing feet all over the Valley with their Sole Revival summer series and seasonal product kit. Starting July 23rd, Simple Jane Founder and wellness expert Angella Hamilton will be hosting a series of Sole Revival sessions at spas and salons Valley-wide to promote the brand’s new digital masterclass and…

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Bella Soul Spa Stockist Simple Jane

Find Simple Jane @Bella Soul Spa

By SimpleJane

A Simple Mission: “To nurture, support, heal and encourage one another on our own personal journeys to achieve optimal health, balance and joy.” Holistic beauty and wellness? Check.  Iconic member of their local community? Check.  The absolutely best team of #bossbabe therapists and estheticians? Check, Check, Check!! It’s true, Bella Soul Spa checks all the…

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Best of Our Valley Arizona Foothills Magazine Simple Jane

We’re Nominated for “Best of our Valley” Best CBD Company

By SimpleJane

They Say We’re One Of The “Best CBD” Companies…Here’s Why Every year, Arizona Foothills publishes their “Best of Our Valley” nominations for top companies doing the coolest things in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. As an Arizona-based company, we are passionate about being involved in our community and supporting other locally owned business. When we…

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Simple Jane At Home Spa Tips CBD

Creating Your Own At-Home Spa

By SimpleJane

Life can be stressful…but it doesn’t have to be when you have the tools you need to feel amazing, event if you can’t make it to a fancy resort-style getaway. We’re talking with our friends at MyHomeGroup to show you 3 Ways To Create Your Own At-Home Spa for without traveling further than your very…

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Cosmo Pairs Temptress With Top 5 Sex Positions

By Chelsea

Feeling like a Temptress? We’ve got you (un)covered with our lineup of premium CBD Topical Aphrodisiac. Our Topical Aphrodisiac line was the original Simple Jane product! That’s why when Cosmo featured Temptress on their list of Top 5 Sex Positions in a recent article, we were thrilled! We’re not saying it was better than sex…but…

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Voyage Phoenix Magazine Spotlights Simple Jane CBD Brand

By Chelsea

Simple Jane is honored to be featured in Voyage Phoenix’s “Local Stories” as we expand in the Phoenix and Scottsdale market. In our interview, we share the very beginnings of Simple Jane (hint: it started with our Topical Aphrodisiacs…). We also share some insight into the business of CBD oil in Scottsdale, and more! Here’s a…

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with Holistic Healing News

By Chelsea

Holistic Healing News knows that the best way to your love’s heart is a little CBD massage. Our Naughty & Nice Box made top of the list, featuring our sexiest Topical Aphrodisiacs, Cool Breeze and Temptress. But the best part is our sexy conversation starters to really heat things up. Check out Holistic Healing News’…

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Simple Jane Pleasures

Our sexy tips for using CBD Arousal Oil

Recipe For a Sexy Date Night

By SimpleJane | March 2, 2022

Massage is one of the most gentle and giving things you can do for your partner and their wellbeing. From breaking down knotting muscles to generating closeness and reducing stress, the benefits are worth the work! A regular massage at the spa is great, but taking it one step further at home with your partner…

The Benefits of Breast Massage Are More Than Just Good Sex

By Simple Jane | August 25, 2021

Breasts are filled with LOVE – or at least they should be. People try to sexualize, weaponize, demonize, glamourize, shame, complain, and wish them away and that’s a shame. Our nipples and breasts contain some of the best pleasure centers in the body and they rarely get the love and appreciation for the true power…

Simple Jane : How it started

By Simple Jane | February 11, 2021

“I never really intended to create a ‘sex product.’ “ Angella Hamilton, Co-Founder , Product Creator for Simple Jane. I was bored, mostly… with my job, sex, life. After learning about  ‘weed lube’ from an overheard conversation in a Colorado dispensary, I was left with so many questions! I never knew ‘pot’ had so many…