Simple Jane : How it started

"I never really intended to create a 'sex product.' "

Angella Hamilton, Co-Founder , Product Creator for Simple Jane.

I was bored, mostly...

with my job, sex, life.

After learning about  'weed lube' from an overheard conversation in a Colorado dispensary, I was left with so many questions! I never knew 'pot' had so many benefits for women's sensual health.

I had been dealing with post menopause symptoms for nearly a decade and frankly, sex was never the same.

I was 37 when I had cancer, and consequently, a double mastectomy and full hysterectomy. At the time, I just felt lucky to be alive. I felt like my sex life would be a secondary, non-important thing I was willing to sacrifice if I could live. That's truly how it felt at the time. That was 2007. I've learned so much since then.

The solutions the gynecologists and doctors gave me for my 'menopause symptoms' were disgusting and anything but sexy.  Who wants to have sex with a smelly estrogen cream? YUK. Seriously. Gross. Not only was it full of chemicals, it never got to the root of the problem.  No thanks.

When I started using and creating Simple Jane, I started noticing a big difference in my body's OWN ability to start creating more natural lubrication. I noticed less tearing after sex and the skin texture around my vulva and labia started to improve.

I had fewer urinary infections and eventually none because of the natural antibacterial properties in both CBD and coconut oil. My sensual health drastically started to improve.

  • These claims are quoted from a personal experience and not intended to be medical advice. At all.*




" I dove into every piece of information I could find - which wasn't much- and I didn't even really learn about the endocannabinoid system until I discovered CBD in 2016."


"I was looking for solutions no one was able to give."

- Angella Hamilton-

I know it sounds silly to say, but I never really intended to create a 'sex product.'  I was looking for solutions no one was able to give.

From what I had researched and saw on the market, adding THC to the 'lube' reduced pain and gave a slight feeling of euphoria. It also smelled a lot like cannabis which was a big turn off for my husband and me.

We were able to create a formula with pure essential and cannabis oils without the smell. It felt amazing but because of the THC, I wasn't sure I wanted to use it often - not because I was afraid of getting high, I just wasn't sure I wanted it in my vagina all the time, either.

As time went on, and laws changed, we were unable to sell THC products in California so things came to a standstill for a bit.  For a while, it looked like Simple Jane might be just a fun side project, and I was o.k. with that.

And within a day.... things turned right around.

I remember the day specifically. There were a lot of problems going on and I said  'God, if Simple Jane isn't meant to continue, I'm o.k. with it. It's been a fun time... and I've learned so much.' On that very day, I met the woman who would introduce me to our endocannabinoid system and the benefits of cannabidiol and it was GAME ON ever since.

Discovering the benefits of CBD for women's health was the most amazing gift of a lifetime. I finally started to understand the power of our own body's abilities to heal and regulate ourselves through feeding the endocannabinoid system.  The research continues to grow  and so does my resolve to create healthy, nontoxic CBD products and grow Simple Jane. Thanks for joining me along the way.


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