How to Use Peppermint Oil for Tension Headaches

Life Can Move at a Frantic Pace:

 Here's how to help relieve tension headaches with Frosted Peppermint CBD oil.

Here's How to Use Peppermint Oil for Tension Headaches & More

  • Relieve Tension Headaches with Peppermint Oil: In a recent podcast from Stanford Neuroscientist, Andrew Huberman, they discuss using peppermint oil for headache relief. We think it's important to note that it is imperative to use a pure, organic essential oil with CBD with no fake fragrances or perfumes that might further irritate allergies and endocrine receptors. 
  • Improve focus and attention: Need to finish your next project? Studies show using peppermint oil as aromatherapy and massage can help improve focus and attention. >>>
  • Enhance Breathwork Sessions by using Frosted peppermint oil aromatherapy in combination with 4-7-8- Breathing, Equal Breathing, and Others. Check out the Frosted Breathwork Kit >>>
  • Use Frosted Peppermint oil on Acupressure Points with a Salt Stone Massage:  >>>>>>

Frosted Peppermint Oil is naturally uplifting and is designed to be used with different movement exercises to release endorphins with aromatherapy benefits. Use in combination with different neck and shoulder stretches to relieve muscle tension that can often cause headaches and muscle pain.


*Statements in this article are not approved by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition in any way. Please check with your medical Dr. to see if using peppermint oil is right for you.  *

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