3 Tips to Help Focus At Your Desk


It's late afternoon & you need to bust out the rest of your project without coffee.

CBD Mini Massage Kit


Start by sipping some ice cold water and find your Less Office Stress Kit. Apply the On the Mend topical CBD into the palms of your hands.

Rub your hands together to release the minty aromatherapy and activate CBD receptors throughout the body.

Place your hands on the back of your neck and take 3 deep breaths.

Feel the tension release and relax your shoulders even further.

Spend a few minutes here massaging your neck and trapezius muscles.

Imagine gathering all the stress and tension into your fingers and hands. 

Fire Balls & Finger Pulls to Reduce Stress


Ball up all the energy in your hands and make tight fists (squinching your face is recommended but optional. Haha). Imagine all the energy and tension in your fists then flick your fingers and  ‘throw’ energy out of your fingertips. Repeat 10-12 times. 

*Imagine flicking water off your hands.

Then continue to 'pull' each finger one by one and repeat on each hand.

Finger Exercise
Lung 1 accupressure

Next, Cross Your Right Fingertip to the Left Lung 1 & Lung 2 Points Along the Clavicle.

Crossing your chest, place the left fingertips on the right L1 and L2 points along the chest.

Take a deep breath and release any tension.

Cross the right leg over the left leg and close your eyes.

Continue here with 3 neck circles from left to right and reverse direction, from right to left.

Open your eyes, uncross your arms and legs and return to your project with a clear mind.

Get a Peppermint Oil Pick Me Up

In some clinical studies & research,  peppermint oil was found to enhance memory & concentration in some instances.  If headache tension is part of your problem, then take a few minutes to give yourself a good ol' head and scalp massage with Frosted Peppermint Oil to shake things up and release head and neck tension.

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