Recipe For a Sexy Date Night

Massage is one of the most gentle and giving things you can do for your partner and their wellbeing. From breaking down knotting muscles to generating closeness and reducing stress, the benefits are worth the work! A regular massage at the spa is great, but taking it one step further at home with your partner has amazing benefits!

How to enjoy a sensual massage with your partner

Set the mood - put your phones in another room, and turn on some music. 

Lighting is key! Dim the lights and put on candles or soft, warm hued lighting. 

Get cozy with blankets in the bedroom or even on the living room floor.

Get comfortable with each other for a bit before you move into touching. You can enjoy a drink and talk for a while 

Keep your convo light and aspirational - talk about things that make you happy, or envision a trip you'd like to take together.

Offer a non-sexual massage to start! A back or foot massage, or even a leg massage. Then your hands can wander...

Use plenty of massage oil for glide! See our top recommendations for oils below. 

Best massage oil for couples

Feeling Tense?

Did you know a sensual massage can reduce cortisol levels in your body? Cortisol is what we know as “the stress hormone” that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, tired and burnt out. Massage is a natural way to increase oxytocin, which is our natural bonding and affection hormone!

If you want to feel closer, more bonded and more relaxed with your partner, here are our favorite sensual massage oil options for couples.

“I literally thought I’d never know what it would feel like to have a desire for intimacy,” says one Simple Jane client, Joy, in a review of Temptress Arousal Oil. “Real women can enjoy themselves in every possible way.”


More than just a pleasing physical connection, a sensual massage is an amazing way to connect with your partner’s body in ways that you might have forgotten about after long relationships - or, perhaps even newly discover! “A little Temptress worked into a massage and a single spray down below easily brought out the side of her [my wife] that I’ve rarely seen in the last 20 years,” says a Simple Jane client, Drew, in a review.

Naked CBD Arousal Oil and CBD Lube

Best Massage Oil For Sensitive Skin - Naked

Use it all over! Naked is our signature massage oil and is great for full body massage. Pure and simple ingredients as it gets - Naked is organic fractionated coconut oil and our pure CBD isolate to get the soothing benefits of CBD with a light, gentle glide of coconut oil. Go ahead…let your hands wander…Naked is a great stand-in for lube!

Arousal Oil with CBD Cool Breeze

Best Sensual Massage Oil - Cool Breeze

Want full-body tingles? Cool Breeze Arousal Oil is perfect for spots that a craving a little more. We love breast massages, booty rubs, and more with Cool Breeze. Our blend of spearmint and peppermint essential oils make it likable too!

Temptress CBD Arousal Oil

Best Arousal Massage Oil

We'll let this quote speak for itself....”This oil boasts a spicy clove scent, a warmth that feels more organic than chemical, and 50 mg of CBD for suuuper-heightened sensations. Even a slow, meandering stroke can take you to a next-level orgasm.” Says Jill Hamilton at Cosmopolitan Magazine. That says it all! Temptress is our #1 bestseller!

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