The Benefits of Breast Massage Are More Than Just Good Sex

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Breasts are filled with LOVE - or at least they should be.

People try to sexualize, weaponize, demonize, glamourize, shame, complain, and wish them away and that's a shame. Our nipples and breasts contain some of the best pleasure centers in the body and they rarely get the love and appreciation for the true power source they are.

self breast exam

There are many benefits to 'self exams' and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

But when you are connected to your breasts and your body on a regular basis, these things become a natural result.

While it does depend on what you are looking to achieve from a specific type of breast massage , we found great value from this article from Lorraine Faehndrich from Radian Life Design. 

We love this mind-body approach  from  Radiant Life Design :

How to Do a Simple Breast Massage

The most important part of a breast massage is to simply be present with your breasts, and breathe.

As always, listen to your body. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel good, and feel free to modify and adapt this massage to feel absolutely delicious to you.

You can massage over your clothes (after taking off your bra), or directly on your skin, using a natural organic skin-friendly oil. I love to use unscented organic almond or coconut oil.

Start by holding your breasts, one in each hand, as you support them and breathe in and out through your heart.

Notice how your breasts and your heart feel. Bring your awareness into your breasts. What sensations do you feel there? Take your time and be present.

Next, bring a smile to your face and send the energy of that smile down to your heart and breasts, allow your heart and breasts to fill up with love as you breathe.

You’re going to use the palms of your hands for the massage.

Using both hands, one on each breast, begin by massaging down on the outside, up on the inside. Move slowly and continue breathing into your heart. This is a releasing direction. It will clear anything that needs to be cleared. Massage in this direction 5-8 times (or longer if it feels good).

When you’re ready, switch directions. Massage up on the outside, and down on the inside. This is an energy-building direction; it brings love and aliveness to your breast. Massage in this direction 5-8 times, or longer if it feels good. (Note: because this direction can increase whatever is already in the breasts, don’t massage in this direction if there is anything unhealthy in your breasts.)

Now hold your breasts again, and breathe. What sensations do you notice in your breasts now? What sensations do you notice in the rest of your body?

Gently shake your breasts for a minute or so, take a few deep breaths, and then stop and hold them again.

When you’re done, smile into your heart and breasts. Send them your love and appreciation.


Warning! Loving your breasts might cause a nipple orgasm.

Women's breasts are naturally equipped with more cannabinoid receptors than men so applying a CBD massage oil like Ice Queen will definitely heighten and stimulate sensitivity and arousal.

No Partner? No Problem!

Your nipples are erogenous zones

A lot of what we see in pop culture suggests that the only way women can orgasm is by stimulating the vaginal area. But that’s not true — not by a long shot. It’s possible for a woman to orgasm without ever touching their genitals. That’s where erogenous zones like the nipples come in.

This article from Healthline has all the juicy tips on how to pinch, stroke, and massage your way to orgasm :

If you aren’t sure where to start, you may find it helpful to:

  • Start slow by first focusing on your breath. Take long, deep breaths to help you relax and get out of your head and into your body.
  • Tease yourself by playing with other erogenous zones. Use your fingers and hands to stroke your belly, then move on to your rib cage, and then around and in between your breasts. But don’t touch your breasts or nipples just yet — let the sensations build up first.
  • Use a light touch to circle your breasts and areola with large strokes. Then ease into a gentle breast massage. When you’re ready, give your breasts a little squeeze.
  • In between massaging and squeezing, trace your areola without touching your nipples. This will help build up anticipation.
  • Now that you’re hot and bothered, move your fingers over to your nipples, which should be erect. Start to rub your nipples slowly, increasing speed and pressure as you become aroused.

A great breast massage is so much more than 'good sex': it's a way to connect with our selves and create a natural endorphin rush beyond compare.

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