Standing Warrior Stretch Series for Tight Hips

Benefits of Standing Warrior Pose

Standing Lunge Series, also known as ‘Warrior Pose’ for yogis, is great for opening the front side of the body and for strengthening your core, legs and back. The backward bend of the torso combined with the straightening of the legs in this posture helps to open up the hips and increase flexibility while improving balance and mental focus. 

Stretches for Tight Hips & Weak Hip Flexors

*People with spine issues such as herniated discs, heart issues, neck issues, and dizziness-causing conditions such as vertigo should ask a doctor before performing Warrior Pose.

  1. Begin by standing at the front of your mat with your feet together and arms relaxed at your sides.
  2. Step your left foot back, about 3 to 4 feet, keeping the toes pointing slightly outward.
  3. Pivot your left foot at a 90-degree angle, so it's in line with your right foot. 
  4. Placing the strap in your hands, Inhale deeply as you raise your arms  with the strap above your head and open through the chest. 
  5. Exhale as you lean forward and keep pulling the straps, lifting the chest and look up to the sky. 

Stay in this ‘resisted’ positions for 6-8 counts, release the tension, realign and repeat. 2-3 times 

Relieve Back Pain and Tension with a Salt Stone Massage

First, apply On the Mend balm to hips, sides, lower back, and any sore spots. Then, take the salt stone and massage it in to loosen up achy joints.

Spine Stretch

One Minute Standing Spine Stretch with Flexion

Start in a standing position with the stretch strap under your feet in a parallel position.

Start to ‘Roll Down’ your spine vertebra by vertebra until you reach a forward hang position. 

Use your hands to pull the strap towards you as you exhale and tighten your abs. 

Feel the stretch in your low back and slowly start to roll yourself back up to a standing position. 

Stand in a tall, lengthened position, pull the straps with your hands and look from side to side stretching the neck and opening the chest. 

Ready to loosen up your spine and feel great? Try it for yourself and feel low back pain and tension melt away.

CBD for Hip Pain & Better Flexibility

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