Breathwork Exercises With CBD Peppermint Oil

Recalibrate Your Nervous System & Boost Mental Clarity.

Use Frosted Peppermint CBD oil to increase lung capacity and open nasal passageways. 

Combine Frosted with salt stone massage therapy to release muscle tension and improve focus.

Combine with Guided Somatic Practices such as Belly Breathing, Grounding Techniques and more. 

Simple Jane Breathing

Frosted Peppermint Oil to Open Nasal Passages

Breathing in a bit of Frosted Peppermint Oil before a breathwork session may help clear stuffy nasal passages and help you feel alert. Adding a CBD and Mint inhalation can also kill viruses and bacteria, further easing inflammation and allows for better blood and oxygen flow.


In addition to being a tangible reminder of self-love and acceptance, the Himalayan Salt Stone carries over 84+ trace minerals that interact with your body to help stay in a state of homeostasis. 

The high magnesium content combined with topical CBD can help the body and mind deeply relax. Trace minerals can also help regulate body temperature and reduce excess cortisol resulting in a more relaxed state of mind. 

Using topical CBD such as On the Mend can help release muscle tension and allow a greater flow of breath and oxygen throughout the body. 

How to use the Himalayan Salt Stone with Somatic Practices 

To use the Himalayan Salt Stone with Equal Breathing, place the stone in your right hand over your heart and practice a few rounds of 5 count breathing. Exchange hands, placing the stone into your left hand 

on your belly and repeat. 

To use with Belly Breathing, apply On the Mend or Frosted into the abdominal area first and massage the belly with the salt stone before performing the exercise to release tension and increase blood flow. 

To use with Alternate Nostril Breathing, place the salt stone in left hand on your belly while performing the exercise to increase a sense of groundedness and awareness. Massage and release tension with each inhale and exhale. 


Relieve Body Tension with Topical CBD

Breathe with Brie + Simple Jane

"Body-based somatics are a functional, root cause finding and foundational approach to health and healing. Somatic modalities work off the hypothesis that you life experiences are stored not only in your mind, but also in your body.

Somatic therapies focus on harmonizing the body by utilizing body-oriented modalities like breathwork, shaking, sound frequency, resourcing, functional release, and nervous system regulation as a holistic approach to healing."

- Brie Taylor, @breathewithBrie

Somatic Therapies & CBD Massage 

Use On the Mend and a Himalayan salt stone massage to release muscle tension in the body. 

Increase mental clarity and focus using peppermint CBD oil before a breathwrok session. 

Body Scan

The Best CBD Combo for Breathwork and Somatic Therapy

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