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Education Is So Chic

Some of the biggest hurdles that Spa owners and managers deal with is educating staff. Especially when it comes to CBD, your team is CURIOUS. We have answers, and are dedicated to staff training on launch AND ongoing for all our wholesale partners to keep you and your team in-the-know, always.


Spas That Have Added CBD To Their Menus

And counting! According to a survey from ISPA in 2019, 41% of respondents have added CBD for treatments, retail product sales or both. That number continues to rise across the country.

Intuitively Integrated

The spa industry is deeply rooted in natural and alternative remedies to relieve pain and ease stress as a center for wellness and self-care. CBD is a plant-based topical with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-anxiety benefits to truly relax your clients body and mind.

Why Choose Simple Jane?

Third Party Tested CBD 

Simple, Minimalist Ingredients, Packaging & Scent

Brand Marketing Support & Team Education

Female-Founded & Passionate About YOU

Retail & Back Bar Products Available

Our Signature Formula | On The Mend

On The Mend is our top-selling wellness formula designed to be light, uplifting, and truly effective. Made with therapeutic-grade essential oils for the cleanest scent, On The Mend is truly the simplest form of healing that we have made. Ideal for back-bar experiences for a massage add-on, a full-body massage experience, or even as a pedicure add-on with our On The Mend Salt Scrub!

On The Mend CBD Oil

Here's some of the results our current partners are celebrating!

Simple Jane Testimonial Wholesale
Simple Jane Angella and Chelsea Hamilton

Our Co-Founders

We are a female-founded, family-owned small business. Every part of Simple Jane is SO near and dear to us. We are invested in your success as a business partner because we believe we can all rise together. Whether it's collaborating on a new idea, new service, or innovating an experience, we're here to create something awesome with you. 

-Chelsea & Angella

CBD Spa Treatments With Simple Jane

CBD Treatments At The Spa Is Pure Bliss

By SimpleJane | September 18, 2020

  As regulatory restrictions open up, and cannabis stigmas continue to fall, a CBD experience at the spa is becoming more available to those seeking pain relief and relaxation across the country. If you’ve considered CBD treatments at your Spa, here’s a few things you need to know: Let’s take it from the top….what is…

Premium CBD Oil in Park City Utah

Park City Spa Launches Simple Jane Experience

By Chelsea | February 24, 2019

Self-care comes in many forms, and is increasingly essential to your overall well-being in our busy lifestyles. Align Spa in Park City, Utah, was founded as a high-vibe spa to nurture, nourish, and slow down. The team at Align Spa has brought the luxury CBD wellness experience to Park City to a whole new level.…

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