[Wholesale] Sleep Tight CBD Magnesium Oil


* For Wholesale Clients Only

Small Case of 6 Sleep Tight 4 oz. Oil Sprays 

Natural Ingredients:

Sleep Tight magnesium oil is enriched with the finest natural ingredients. Pure lavender and bergamot essential oils bring a calming and balancing aroma with a touch of vanilla undertones to reduce muscle tension and stress. Adding non toxic CBD isolate enhances benefits of the magnesium and essential oils. 

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, 400mg broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil, proprietary blend of pure lavender, bergamot essential oils with pure Vanilla and magnesium chloride. 

Heart stone not included with order unless otherwise noted * Add one to your order for added massage benefits!





Here's how to use Sleep Tight Magnesium Spray with Clients :

  • Apply anywhere there are sore muscles or tension (shoulders, legs, back...)
  • Relax after your next yoga class or stretch session with a Sleep Tight massage. 
  • Massage onto tired legs to reduce restless leg syndrome.
  • Use with a Himalayan Salt massage stone  or a Plain Jane Bath Soak for maximum benefits and recovery


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