Sleep Tight Candle Bundle


This sweet bundle comes with 4 oz. Sleep Tight Massage Oil and our custom Sleep Tight soy wax candle scented with lavender, bergamot and vanilla & a Himalayan Salt stone to massage it all in. 

Natural Ingredients:

Sleep Tight magnesium oil is enriched with the finest natural ingredients. Pure lavender and bergamot essential oils bring a calming and balancing aroma with a touch of vanilla undertones to reduce muscle tension and stress. Adding non toxic CBD isolate enhances benefits of the magnesium and essential oils. 

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, 400mg broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil, proprietary blend of pure lavender, bergamot essential oils with pure Vanilla and magnesium chloride. 


Magnesium can help you sleep longer, get better quality sleep, and feel less tired.”  – the  National Sleep Foundation 





Here's how to use Sleep Tight Magnesium Spray :

  • Apply anywhere there are sore muscles or tension (shoulders, legs, back...)
  • Relax after your next yoga class or stretch session with a Sleep Tight massage. 
  • Massage onto tired legs to reduce restless leg syndrome.
  • Use with a Himalayan Salt massage stone  or a Plain Jane Bath Soak for maximum benefits and recovery


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