Temptress Arousal Oil

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Temptress is the key to feeling deeply connected to your body, your partner, and your pleasure for an orgasmic experience. Are you feeling tempted already? 

CBD Arousal Oils have numerous beneficial effects for both men and women, including enhanced blood flow, release of tension in the pelvic area and decreased pain signaling for a more relaxed, sensual experience. A spicy blend of  warming essential oils provides a warm sensation as blood flow increases wherever Temptress is applied. 

  • Arouse your erogenous zones : The warming essential oils in Temptress increase blood flow to these “hot spots” that elicit your body’s response for desire. 
  • Decrease pain signaling with CBD. When your partner is more aroused prior to penetrative sex, they are less likely to experience pain during sex. By applying Temptress (particularly to the clitoris) should help to arouse the clitoris which often leads to more natural wetness and muscle relaxation.
  • Cultivate a more intimate connection with your partner by using the product in places that feel good to enhance your communication in bed! Surveys say the sexiest three little words? “I like that.”


INGREDIENTS: Pure fractionated coconut oil, 100mg pure CBD oil, proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils containing cinnamon, clove, orange and real vanilla bean. 

**Due to the oil-based nature of the product, it should not be used with latex condoms or silicone toys.


How to use Temptress:

Apply with long, gentle strokes to erogenous zones for arousing foreplay.

Massage onto clitoris before leaving for a date night out (and tell your partner at dinner you did so)

Suggestions to heighten your pleasure...

  • Use lube! An arousal oil and lube are Friends With Benefits and we go into the differences here. We love Naked, as a regular go-to. High-quality coconut oil is a good stand in as well. If you're finding that Temptress is too spicy you can blend it in with your lube and coconut oil to moderate the sensation.

  • Use alongside a toy as foreplay. We love pairing our arousal oils with crystal sex toys (see some of my favorites here) or really anything made of borosilicate glass.

  • Keep using it! CBD products take time to work and will not always "work" the first time you use then, as your CBD receptors might need some time to "get the signal" in simple terms.

Start a steamy conversation with some sexy questions from the Naughty and Nice Kit.

The quality of your CBD sources and ingredients matter, especially in such an intimate area. Here's what you can always expect from Simple Jane Topical Aphrodisiac products:

All Simple Jane products are made with pure, hemp-derived CBD that is triple third-party tested for quality to ensure no GMO's, no pesticides/herbicides and no fungus or contaminants are present. We use organic, fractionated coconut oil and the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils to make our products.

16 reviews for Temptress Arousal Oil

  1. Simple Jane

    Here’s what Cosmo has to say about Temptress….”This oil boasts a spicy clove scent, a warmth that feels more organic than chemical, and 50 mg of CBD for suuuper-heightened sensations. Even a slow, meandering stroke can take you to a next-level orgasm.”

    Have an incredible experience? leave a review and let other lovers know about it 😉

  2. Leah R

    I think you know it’s an amazing product when your partner says, ‘I love Simple Jane…’ immediately after climax. Temptress and Cool Breeze rock our world! For Christmas last year, all of my girlfriends (and their significant others!) received the gift of Simple Jane! Now I’m hooked on the chapstick and bath soaks…I promise, you won’t be disappointed. You have a fan for life, Simple Jane!

  3. Phaedra

    I started with an order of Temptress, Naked, and Cool Breeze in April 2020. I don’t have a favourite – the silky texture is perfect in all, but it’s nice to have variety! These natural oils exceeded my expectations – they instantly take effect, enhancing my arousal every time. Tip: if you are using these for the first time – the effect is quite long lasting so if you only have time for a quicky, apply sparingly!

  4. Penny (verified owner)

    Awesome product love the aromatherapy

  5. Barb

    I was so hopeful in receiving, however this 50 plus cat purred not once….


    • SimpleJane

      Oh no Barb! Sad to hear we didn’t thrill you….we suppose every kitty has different purrrr-references. Thanks for giving us a try.

  6. Leigh

    Ok the spray bottle confused me for a second, I wasn’t expecting it (which shows you how twitterpated I get when I see new toys!). However, it’s lovely! I used it as a spray and also sprayed some on my finger for more … precise application. The heat level is awesome and definitely enticing in and of itself, and I’ve been making ample use of it since my first try! My one improvement would be to find a way to make the sensation last longer. Also, the packaging is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

  7. Jenny (verified owner)

    Temptress both relaxed and excited me at the same time (I don’t understand how that works) and definitely no need for lubricant. We’re still working on getting the timing and amounts down, but having plenty of fun figuring it out. I have difficulty relaxing (unless drinking), so this is an amazing, natural product. For me, it actually has a bit of a delayed reaction.

    • SimpleJane

      Jenny, so glad Temptress thrilled you, we loved this review so much! Thanks for keeping it sexy with us beautiful!

  8. Joseph zucco (verified owner)

    Haven’t received my order yet but do have one question is it lickable

    • SimpleJane

      Hi Joseph! Can’t wait for yours to arrive! To answer your question, it is absolutely lickable! Temptress will have a tingly, cinnamon and clove flavor to it. Enjoy!

  9. Drew (verified owner)

    Gave this a try with the wife and all I can say is this oil is like magic! She has severe anxiety and always has problems relaxing enough to enjoy herself. A little Temptress worked into a massage and a single spray down below easily brought out the side of her that I’ve rarely seen in the last 20 years. She and I both have fallen in love with this oil. She already has me ordering more, along with Cool Breeze and Naked. Just amazing.

    • SimpleJane

      Drew, this review has us glowing – thank you so much for sharing and LOVE that your beautiful wife is finding pleasure and relaxation! Cheers to much more of that! xo

  10. Joy (verified owner)

    This product seems to be sent from the heavens and the female goddess God’s. I literally thought I’d never know what it would feel like to have a desire for intimacy. This product shows me that what you see in the movies it’s not all fake LOL. Real women can enjoy their self’s in every possible way. I think these women are miracle workers. I’m so so so grateful to find myself with this companys help.
    I promise you will love every second of this product and come back for more!

    • SimpleJane

      These sweet words light up our life, Joy, we are so happy to hear you are falling in love with pleasure all over again with Temptress. Stay sexy, beautiful! xo

  11. Nikki (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing.

    • SimpleJane

      Nikki, so happy we could thrill you! xo

  12. Colin Hatcher (verified owner)

    Temptress. Texture… scent… One word for both: awesome.

    • SimpleJane

      Love it Colin! Thanks for keeping it awesomely sexy with us 😉

  13. Lyn (verified owner)

    Temptress has really exceeded my expectations! I wasn’t really certain what to expect but thought I would try something that might relax me (with aromatherapy) at the same time it stirred things up! How delightful to find that sometimes what you hope for is what you receive! Thanks, SimpleJane! 💕

    • SimpleJane

      Lyn, we are SO thrilled that we’ve exceeded your expectations – this review filled us with delight!! Thanks for being a wonderful customer.

  14. Gene (verified owner)

    Great lubricant with wonderful aroma, texture and results. However the spray bottle stopped working after the first use- the spray mechanism on the spray bottle is cheap and doesn’t work. Disappointing.

    • SimpleJane

      Gene, we are so bummed to hear that the spray bottle stopped working – but are so happy to report that’s something we can fix 🙂 Our customer service team is emailing you to make that issue right so you can keep using Temptress for those great results. xo!

  15. Garry (verified owner)

    Bought for wife, rubbed some on her and nipples. Then I got a good dose rubbed in good, if you know what I mean. Half way threw we got more for lube. Absolutely outstanding afraid we will get hooked on it. Never did orgasm but that hour trying was amazing

    • SimpleJane

      Garry – Don’t worry about getting hooked – we’re all natural baby 😉 thanks for keeping it sexy with us!

  16. Theresa L. Dyer (verified owner)

    I received Tempress & Naked by mail quickly. As I removed shipping packing, I could smell Tempress. Upon opening the box, found that both bottles had leaked better than half out. I emailed with photos twice now and still waiting for a response. Onto better things, although the pump mechanism on the bottles do not work, we were able to use the leaked product that accumulated in the cap. There was no warming sensation at all…not even a little. What we did notice was that by using the oil and slowing the foreplay a little, did allow the relaxation affect that so many people describe. I did not get a visit from my friend “The Big O” but thoroughly enjoyed trying. The product description states that the first time it may not work, all I can say is, “Good thing we are not quitters”!

    • SimpleJane

      Hi Theresa! We are so disappointed that we haven’t received your emails, thank you for bringing it to our attention here! Our customer service team is reaching out to you right away to make sure we replace those bottles for you. We hope that the “Big O” comes to visit soon! xo, Simple Jane

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