Sole Revival Foot Pain Relief Kit


This Sole Revival Spa Kit has everything you need to enjoy a CBD Spa experience right at home and treat your feet to something amazing. 

Start with a CBD Foot Soak, then some resisted stretching and strengthing for feet, ankles, and calves then finish with a salt stone massage with On the Mend balm. 

Regular Price: $122 


The Sole Revival Kit has everything you need for foot pain relief. Get the goods, then learn the exercises and stretches to relieve plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, swelling, and more with our Sole Revival Foot Pain Relief  Online Workshop. 

Included is :

16  oz. On the Mend CBD Salt Soak and Body Scrub

2 oz. On the Mend Balm

1 Stretch Strap

and our signature Himalayan salt massage stone.