Powerhouse CBD Roller


Powerful, Passionate, Confident & Calm. She’s the person you want by your side while you’re hustling, fulfilling your dreams and cheering you on.  We’re so inspired, we just wanted to bottle all of that up, and give all the amazing Powerhouse Women we met something to carry in their pockets (purses) to remind them that YOU, TOO are all of those things and more.

This custom, limited-edition CBD massage oil is crafted to CALM your nerves before a big pitch presentation. It’s there to help you feel PASSIONATE in realizing your bigger purpose. It’s there to make you feel CONFIDENT when you ask for that raise, and POWERFUL as you take on the world.

Apply to the palms of your hands, rub them together (feel the magic) and take a big whiff to let the aromatherapy wash over you. You got this, girl.

Also perfect to ease headaches, nervous tension and frazzled nerves.

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The Powerhouse CBD is packed with aromatic Bergamot, Orange and Lavender essential oils . Production is limited and seasonal.

Ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, 50 mg CBD, bergamot, orange and lavender essential oils

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Roller Ball Only

Powerhouse Roller Ball – no salt stone

Salt Stone + Roller Ball Combo

Powehouse Roller Ball + Signature Himalayan Salt Stone


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