16 oz. Bag Sacred Grounds CBD Chocolate Bath Soak & Body Scrub

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Soak in the healing of the earth with our deeply restorative CBD Cacao Soak or give yourself a hearty all over body scrub for the smoothest skin you’ve ever had. 

The ground cacao powder in Sacred Grounds is made by Moksha Chocolate with direct-trade Peruvian cacao. Experience a body polish so enticing you’ll have to try not to eat it! Every ingredient is therapeutic grade with no synthetic additives, fragrances or solvents. Simple and soothing, like a hug from Nature.

Made with unrefined mineral salts from Redmond salt mines in Utah and Peruvian Cacao, cured in Tahitian vanilla and our high-grade CBD oil, our salt formula works to replace trace minerals while reducing fine lines, stretch marks, aches, pains & inflammation. 

You can shower it off, or better yet, apply all over and then soak in warm (not hot!) water for at least 20 minutes to experience best results. 

16 oz. container = 6-8 bath soaks per bag

Ingredients: unrefined Redmond kosher mineral salt, organic cacao powder, Tahitian vanilla, 100mg CBD, orange essential oils, organic coconut oil.

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How To Use Sacred Grounds As A Body Scrub:

1. Pour a handful of the scrub into your hand and mix in a generous amount of body oil (we’re using Naked Unscented CBD Massage Oil and you could also use On The Mend Massage Oil or, any other body oil you wish). It should look like wet sand. Don’t skip this part!

2. Start at your heart and lightly work in circles throughout the entire upper body before applying to lower body and extremities. The salt is scrubbing YOU not the other way around, so use very little pressure.

3. Reapply as necessary to work your way all over your body

4. Rinse! Or for extra “ahhh” slip into a warm bath with the scrub still on you to soak in the extra benefits.

Each tube contains about 8 body scrubs (we use about 2 oz each scrub sesh)

Click Here For A How-To Video For A Sacred Grounds Hand Treatment 


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